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Hello Everyone,

With the release of New Minna no Golf yesterday, I have decided that we should also start a new. To help with the community and grow the support for New Everybody’s Golf, this site along with it’s database has been moved to a new location. At the moment there is not much, I haven’t had much time to theme it and set up for anything other than having a stream for it and a new community discord channel.

Since the game is now unified with the brand Everybody’s Golf…And also that there is no real need for me to be updating everyone with information about the series now that they have good media coverage and English support… our new community website for the series will now be at Everybodys.Golf!

Please support the new community there as we explore the new game and come up with information to share and guide others through this series. It would be good to see the new players and old veterans band together and make this a good new place to get your Everybody’s Golf fix.

Thanks for supporting the Mingol.Community here at I will keep this site around, likely disable a lot of user interaction but since the database here is duplicated over there, all accounts will work there as well and once we have a proper system set up there it should be easy to communicate with other golfers.

Also we are looking for co-hosts or streamers for the new community channel. If you have the time and want to stream or talk about golf, feel free to join us on this adventure.



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New Minna no Golf Release Date August 31st 2017

So a trailer for New Minna no Golf was uploaded today announcing the date of release to be on August 31st 2017. These articles have been full of fluff lately so I will only be translating the useful information in this post. Here is the new trailer video included with the official post:

So the game comes in multiple delivery methods. Physical, Digital and a Course Special Digital Pack. You could say it’s some kind of collectors edition but it really isn’t. Let us break it down so we know what we are getting on release date.

Packages Available for Purchase

Other than the Physical version coming with a proper box for the game, normal version and the digital version costs exactly the same price. However if you pre-order any version of these two you will receive the Rabbit Character Costume and the 20th Anniversary Memorial Course No.1.
Rabbit CostumeCat Costume

The Cat Costume however is only included in the Course Special Digital Edition of the game. So inside the special pack you will receive on top of the normal game, the 20th Anniversary Memorial Course No.1 (You get this also for just pre-ordering the game.) and 20th Anniversary Memorial Course No.2., A Seasonal pass for 3 Add-on Courses and a Premium Skin for your Golf Cart.

So to conclude, Course Special Digital Edition you don’t need to pre-order because it looks to be still available after release.  You will gain an additional 5 courses overall which people will still be able to purchase after the game is released, The only things that remain unique appears to just be the Golf Cart and the Cat Costume. All players who want to play this online will also need a PS Plus Subscription on the PS4.

Do not Pre-order this game if you are waiting for the World Server Announcement as New Minna no Golf is supposed to be a World Wide International Version or Server Supported.

Pre-order Period

  • 2017 April 17th to 2017 August 30th.


  • 6,372 Japanese Yen Normal/Digital Copy.
  • 9,936 Japanese Yen Course Special Digital Edition.

PlayStation Store Pre-order Bonuses

  • Rabbit Costume
  • 20th Anniversary Memorial Course No.1 (Also included in the Course Special Digital Edition Pack)

Date of PlayStation Auto-Download for Game

  • Starts from Midnight of 2017 August 29th.

Date of Play-ability 

  • Starts from Midnight of 2017 August 31st. You must be signed into the PlayStation Network to start the game.

Source: 『New みんなのGOLF』8月31日発売決定! 本日より予約受付開始!

September 20, 2016 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Let’s go over the review of what is currently happening in the world of Minna no Golf. Game was announced two years ago that it was going to be in production for release this year 2016, however during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that they are releasing it in the summer of next year. [Which roughly reads as August 31st 2017.]


According to the event plans, First Public Day of the Tokyo Game Show was scheduled to be Team Battle Demo. The Last Public Day is just a normal demo where you can try out the game in the open course setting.

As a bonus for attending the event, you register your PSN account at the event and you will receive the PlayStation Booth Companion Costume for use with the game when it is released.

There was also a special New Mingol Event on stage during the first public day. It was broadcast and recorded on the day on YouTube. Here is the video starting at about 30 minutes into the clip:

I can actually see myself in this video… Anyway that onto the report, since there wasn’t anything else that officially happened for New Mingol.

Tokyo Game Show Day One:

I caught up with a couple of Mingol friends, and we went to test the game out. Maronpafe actually went all out and registered to try it through PlayStation Plus and turned up with a Tokyo Game Show Supporters ticket which gives you access to certain parts of the event earlier than other people. Because of this Maron actually was able to try out the Team Battle mode.

Sadly while I was there fairly early too, with standard ticket when my turn came around I noticed that they were not doing the Team Battle Mode anymore. Regardless I was able to test the demo completely and see what the fuss is all about.

So what did we learn from the Demo:

  • There is no other shot modes at the moment except for Traditional 3 Click.
  • Just/Perfect Impact is now a big deal to progress for the game:
    • Putts now require you to set impact.
    • Increases your status for certain attributes which require you to Just/Perfect Impact.
  • Points system seems to have changed but since we were not able to make any special shots likely due to not enough stats or not implemented, we weren’t completely sure what was changed.
  • Successfully making a long putt over 3m distance will increase Kuru Kuru / Backdoor shot status.
  • Hitting a long drive, or probably out distancing your longest drive will increase the Power Stats.
  • Near Pin, Just/Perfect Impact will increase your Control Stats.
  • Performing a successful spin shot will increase Spin or Side Spin Stats:
    • This may be a problem in game design later down so I would probably hope they put caps for character stats.
    • What happens to players who enjoy playing with low shot hitters? Naturally over time their character becomes  a High hitter?
    • How about players who enjoy having/playing with characters with Natural Fade/Draw?
    • There are some shots in this game that you wish for certain statistics in order to make a shot, so having too much of a status can hinder the performance of specific shots.
  • Shot height for approach mode is now higher again similar to that of Mingol 5, but the game appears to be performing with a hybrid branch of Mingol 5 and 6 physics in the engine.
  • Since the courses are now 9 Holes connected together we can once again tee off to other fairways and take risky shortcuts. In the Demo you can do this on the Par 5 to make an Eagle using a single power shot to the alternate fairway of the L shaped fairway.
  • Team Battle from what we saw was just 4 vs 4 but without a personal experience I have no comment on this at the moment.
  • So far the progression system seems to be on the right track, but some of the points I mentioned now makes me wonder where it will all go when we reach end game.

Non-golf related things in the Demo:

  • Golf Cart Driving was cool, but you sort of miss the ridiculous running speed that is associated with the crazy Caddies in the older versions of Mingol.
    • It is also a annoying to drive around when you happen to hit something and the cart stops completely. I drove along a bridge designed for the Golf Cart but there was some really strange collision detection going on making the experience not very satisfying.
    • If they are going to make the cart driving something interesting, maybe rather than make it a simulator make it actually fun to drive. It really felt like I would just pop in and out of it for the increased Speed to travel around the course, but if the only bonus is the speed feels like wasted development. Maybe a Speed Golf Mode that requires you to race other players while using your golf carts would make good use of the feature.
  • Fishing… I really don’t know what to say about this feature.
    • In the Demo, it appears fishing required you to talk to the NPC to begin but this could be just for introducing the feature to players trying the Demo.
    • Fishing also has it’s own status or progression bar.
    • There appears to be a competition mode for fishing also where you can fish against other players to see who catches the biggest fish. This is also shown in the presentation.
  • Character Customization… should have been something that was shown but it was not.
    • Demo machines were set with character designs already set, but I think with the low amount of content being shown it would have been a good distraction to show us the character set up options.
    • You can see the TGS Booth Companion Costume on the machines that were supposed to be used by the companions. The blue team during the presentation event also used the costumes for their characters.

Tokyo Game Show Day Two:

Most of the experimenting was done during the first day, but I returned on the second day to help a friend with shopping and also get a T-shirt from Final Fantasy XIV battle challenges. During then I had a discussion with my Mingol friends and we came to the conclusion that the reason why Team Battle was no longer shown during the first day and the presentation for it was changed/cut short was that there was an issue with the system. Many questions were still left unanswered but some of us got a hold of one of the three producers… yeah Three Producers.

  • Most information seems to be kept under wraps, they wouldn’t even disclose if there would be support for Advanced Shot or any of the other shot styles.
  • Talking to the Associate Producer from Sony, I received confirmation that the Team Battle Mode was having issues hence the mode was discontinued on the first day and the presentation for the game was slightly modified.
    • In the video/presentation you will see that fishing and running around doing random things seems to have taken up quite a bit of time.
    • During Team Battle, the rules of the game was changed so that it was more about who finished all three holes first instead of the actual Team Battle system. It was a shame because we all wanted to see the girls beat the guys right?

Since ClapHanz has been advertising nearly every single day for the last year or two I had a little talk with the Associate Producer to see if I could help them out. If their issue is about how to make the right Mingol Game, think I would be able to help. If it is about the lack of people working on the game… Then that would be a different issue. Well that ball is in Sony/ClapHanz Court now, so let’s see what happens!

What do you all think will happen? Will we end up with someone who is passionate about the game for most of their life working on the game or will the success of New Mingol be clouded in mystery?

September 14, 2016 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

So the PlayStation Press Event happened yesterday, and there was yet another New Minna no Golf Trailer that announces the delay until Japan Summer 2017.

Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of Minna no Golf series. Once again things don’t look good… Tokyo Game Show 2017 this weekend, I will be going to check out the demo on both days.

In other news, Minna no Tennis which was made on PS2 will be coming to PS4. That is still a good game, at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Minna no Tennis ends up inside the Minna no Golf world, with all the fishing and cart driving going down and delays…

The developers need to hold back on the feature creeping and release something and communicate with their player base to see where to move their series so that it is a longer lasting game. Let’s hope we get more than 3 extra courses after release.

June 27, 2016 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Hello Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I logged into my own site, I guess things haven’t been that interesting for me to feel the need to make any posts about the New Minna no Golf. Well seems like lately there are some articles being written and they don’t seem to be planning to change the release date of being within this year… So maybe we will be seeing the New Minna no Golf this year on the PS4.

With news of a possible PS4 Neo, I feel that the game would likely run smoother on PS4 neo and with a possible integration of the PlayStation VR… since we know that is what happens to all Mingol games in the past few titles.

That said, Keith [Kdoll] has recently contacted me here and emailed me a copy of the latest article issue on Famitsu for the New Minna no Golf game.

Translation June 2016 Famitsu Article

I have translated it for those those who are interested in what the article contained though I didn’t bother translating the title text because the information explains the titles anyway, but I have also seen that PlayStation’s official Mingol website has been updated [with horrible coding for the parallax effect for some reason. Sony needs to hire better programmers.] So those articles I will probably be looking over again and posting a rough translation over the next few days or couple of weeks depending on my work schedule.

September 16, 2015 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Hello Everyone,

Well this year will be interesting… Here right now a few days before public entry into Tokyo Game show 2015. We have received a new trailer, but things aren’t looking so Mingol as we are used to it seems.

Who likes the song used in the trailer? 😛

I don’t know if they are mocking fans with that song… It doesn’t look like there will be anything actually playable at TGS this year. Also anyone else think the models look like the Microsoft Avatars?

Set to be released in 2016, game will feature creatable avatars and an open world. This is the same thing as what they mentioned last year before TGS… Still probably no prototype or game play trailer available to show us at TGS this year. With the daily Clap Hanz recruitment continuing on Twitter, it is hard to tell what the real story behind the up coming title is currently.

Source: Famitsu TGS New Mingol. PlayStation Japan

September 1, 2014 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Hello Everyone,

Looks like they have announced pre-TGS that there is a New Mingol Project underway. More details will come when TGS begins, but the game probably will be something that comes around late next year. Knowing Claphanz they are pretty slow…

February 17, 2014 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

As population continues to dwindle in the Mingol world, patches of changes to the system seem to be more frequent. Not sure why they continue to beat the dead horse… You know what the answer is to this problem? Sure the game engine doesn’t foster skill and competition any more, but I bet if they grabbed a bunch of their old courses from old games, retouched them for the current game engine people would fork out cash for it in a heart beat.

Well onto the changes in the latest patch. I should probably download it so I can log online and chat with people… 😛

Update 1.16

  • Daily Tournament History display has now been changed to a period of as far back as 1 year.
  • Number of Chip in Lobby Golf Balls obtainable from 18H regulation tournaments has been increased.
  • Grade 4 rank has been abolished. Upon entering lobby as G4 will promote you to G3.
  • Changes will be applied once you log into the lobby for the first time after the Feburary 17th Maintenance.
  • Bug Fixes.

Anyone ever get tired that they mention bug fixes in the update notes? It doesn’t mean anything to us if we don’t know which bugs were fixed right?

January 30, 2014 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Nope still don’t feel it. Well at least this update is doing something to improve their new feature.

Update 1.15

  • Chip in Lobby Golf balls can now be obtained through Grade Free Tournaments.
  • Rare Character List changed to now display.
  • Fixed the Chip in Lobby Golf Ranking display bug.
  • Other bug fixes.

I haven’t been logging on so there is no details on the size of the patches which I usually list next to the update version.

January 16, 2014 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

So there will be a small Toro themed event for daily coming up. Since it features Toro to participate you would likely have to purchase Toro to play it… tough luck to the Asian version holders?

Date Tournament Course Regulation
January 21st 1st Day Arabian Ala Arabian 18H Toro Only
Big Cup
January 22nd 2nd Day Maple Maple Leaf 18H Back Tee Kuro Only
Tough Pin
January 23rd 3rd Day Kagura Kagurayama Country Club
9HOLE(OUT) Back Tee
Bunker +1
January 24th 4th Day Harvest Harvest Hills Golf Course
Good Weather
Strong Wind
January 25th 5th Day Legacy Legacy of Golf Links
9HOLE(IN) Back Tee
Unlimited Power
January 26th Final Day Provance La Provance 18H Toro Only
Hole Shuffle

Prizes included for participating for 2 days or more is a Toro T-Shirt Yellow lobby part and a Toro Flag accessory lobby part.

Participating for 5 days or more will net you a Toro Umbrella T-Shirt and Kamo the little duck lobby pet.

Source: 「みんなといっしょオープン」


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