July 20, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Well I just came back from there… It’s not a place of Microsoft and Nintendo Fans. 😛 First up the Playstation Signature Store is located on the first floor of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. which is called Playstation Square. Looked alright from the outside.

Playstation Square

Then I went inside to look around. It was a very clean and quiet atmosphere, well it was expected considering most of the stuff is sort of aimed at hardcore fans who make enough money to afford their obsession. 😉

Playstation Signature Store.

The inside is quite empty… there is lots of space to move around, but there is also things you can do apart from looking at the Playstation Signature goods. I mean what kind of place would Playstation Square be without Playstations set up to play eh?

Playstation TV in Playstation Store.

While waiting for them to wrap up the items I have bought I took a photo. As anyone who visits this site would expect it’s Mingol 5 Demo’ing on the Playstation TV. 😛 Though this place is abit hardcore for some people… some of the goods are quite nice as gifts for people since you can’t order any of the items online making them slightly limited or rare. So even if you won’t be using it yourself a purchase here could be handy for present ideas… haha. Just be careful not to purchase T-shirts or other lame items since you’ll be pidgeon holing yourself as a fanboy by wearing it.

Oh… and there is some campaign going on where they survey you a little about their store and then give you a bottle of Playstation Signature Water……… right. Registering the number of the bottle gives you a chance to win a gift from them. Anyway if you’re looking into visiting the Playstation Signature Store you’ll find the details are the Playstation Signature Site.

PLAYSTATION® Signature Store Site.

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July 21, 2007 · Time: 5:45 pm · bran

What did you buy from there?

July 21, 2007 · Time: 6:02 pm · Shihiko

The PSP Stand. It’s the only useful thing that doesn’t seem lame. Unlike other stands it has two holes at the bottom that allow sound to pass through when on a stand. 😉

July 22, 2007 · Time: 3:10 pm · bran

I just picked up some new gadget too. A 19inch HDMI-enabled monitor for the PS3! Thought I might share.

Monitor Pic

July 22, 2007 · Time: 7:27 pm · Shihiko

Cool stuff… I edited your post so it uses the proper image tags, WordPress uses html for displaying stuff in posts… I think. Or I just turned off BB codes.. In the future if larger images than 480 pixels wide, it might be a good idea to just link it. I’ll let this one pass since it fits in the borders at 495. But you can see how it’s abit off center 😉

Other than that, your monitor isn’t showing the left and right edges very well?

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