July 27, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Ok umm I’ve been playing abit. 😛 Also have a keyboard, which I recommend people who want to spend lots of time in the lobby should get.

I’m also going to be leaving Japan soon so things are getting abit busy. Posting stuff and other things. So haven’t had time to sit down and post stuff. I might have to leave some of the posting until later.

Leveling up of characters loyalty really annoys me in this one…

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July 29, 2007 · Time: 3:43 am · Reezellthia

Hey Shihiko, are we still ok for our deal? Just I read about you posting stuff and you not asked for any payment/address details from me….

July 30, 2007 · Time: 11:54 pm · seveNLayers

What’s the levelling up of the loyalty for? I have the game now (received this morning) , I think I have Suzuke at level 3.

July 31, 2007 · Time: 12:26 am · Shihiko

Loyalty will increase the colours your characters have and also improve the characters abilities… You cannot do any trick shots until you power up the characters.

July 31, 2007 · Time: 3:50 am · seveNLayers

Oh right, what are the trick shots? I’ve managed super backspin so far. Any nearer putting up those guides?

July 31, 2007 · Time: 2:59 pm · Shihiko

Well there is nothing tricky about super spins haha… umm… where did I write I was writing trick shot guides? 😮

Currently don’t enjoy the trick shots in Mingol 5. So there really isn’t anything tricky about shots you can do in Mingol 5. Currently I think it applies more for Mingol 4 and Mingol P.

July 31, 2007 · Time: 9:30 pm · seveNLayers

A list of all trick shots would be appreciated. I can do all the spin shots now (left to right, back/top spin etc) but haven’t a clue about anything else.

I also still don’t understand the loyalty thing. What levels do I have to be to do trick shots? And have you found out if there are ultra-spins in?

July 31, 2007 · Time: 10:01 pm · Shihiko

The current Standard stands at 3 specials. Rising, Homing, Spiral and then there is 2 that doesn’t require spins Flag Ball and Backdoor Shot/Putt.

Special shots require super spin to hit the pin to have a chance at sinking the ball. View some of my youtube videos for an idea of what the shots do.

Loyalty maxes at Level 13 for Mingol 5. The more loyalty the better the character is to use… currently still no confirmation of ultra spin. It isn’t part of the loyalty system and skull shot is also missing.

July 31, 2007 · Time: 10:12 pm · seveNLayers

I’ve had a super backspin hit the flag bounce away and then spin back into the hole. Is that a trick shot?

July 31, 2007 · Time: 10:14 pm · Shihiko

That’s homing.

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