August 31, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Again Clap Hanz extends the time required to do their update a few more hours to 19:00 Japan Time today. Though I was able to patch abit earlier than that… It seems alright. I played abit, the way the characters are displayed is slightly dissapointing because I remember seeing their concept of having character running to their ball after hitting it.

To access the hosting and joining features, there are 2 new menu options added to the lobby triangle menu. 2nd Option is now Join a Live Tournament and the 3rd Option is now Create a Live Tournament.

Though you are free to create tournaments now, you are still governed and restricted by the Online Rules. So… you can not create tournaments that involve the upper class characters just yet. 🙁

Update [07083101]:

Creating Tournaments Menu:

  • Course [Ayame or Chura Umi]
  • Holes to play [18H, 9H OUT, 9H IN]
  • Tee [Regular, Back Tee Mirror]
  • Round Speed [Fast, Normal, Slow, Super Slow]
  • Auto Handicap [Calculates handicap for each player based on their best score.]
  • Limit Entry*
  • Special Rules*

*Currently Locked.

Other additions:

  • Overall players in the Clap House can be seen. 
  • Can see how many of your friends are in a lobby.
  • No need to switch floors to see available live tournaments.
  • Onsen Lobby Futons now updated. Now work like they do in the online trailers.
  • During Tournaments the top players avatar is shown.
  • Characters Loyalty Level is shown in tournaments.
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August 31, 2007 · Time: 9:03 pm · NavahoGL

Thanks for the info (European player here). I haven’t played on-line yet, still unlocking characters and courses in single player, but I have read that there is a 120 second timer on each hole in online-play.

Does “being governed and restricted by the Online Rules” imply that the user-created tournaments are still restricted to this limit?

August 31, 2007 · Time: 9:14 pm · Shihiko

Time limit can be set. I would probably stick to some limit such as normal speed. Gives players time to chat or watch others. 🙂 Fast is pretty nice though, makes some player panic.

September 2, 2007 · Time: 9:12 pm · riffraff

“Overall players in the Clap House can be seen”

what is Clap House? It doesn’t sound too appealing =)

September 2, 2007 · Time: 9:55 pm · Shihiko

Clap House is name of the building that holds the floors we play on. Currently there is only Flower Clap House. Which contains all the flower floors. What I mean there is that you can see how many players there are in lobbys and how many players there are overall that are playing online.

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