September 25, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

The servers are down from 10~13:00 Japan time. So if you can’t access it during those times then that is what’s happening. 😉 It’s the longer maintenance so might be good this time?

Maybe Euro Classic Mirror Backtee version will be added?

New patch… awesome.

Update [07092501]:

  • Euro Classic Tournaments can now be created. Back Tee is also possible.
  • Intermediate Class Characters can now be selected in created tournaments.
  • New Camera Views added and also can now view the green while waiting in live tournaments.
  • Grade Ranking Tournaments will now begin!

Starting September 26th:

  • Grade Rank Tournaments with more than 10 players participating will give the first place winner grade rank stats.
  • Number of times participated in grade tournaments.
  • Number of times in first place.
  • Number of times in second place.
  • Number of times in top 20%.
  • You will now be able to receive more lobby character parts depending on your grade results.
  • Grade tournaments with less than 10 players will not give the grade rank stats and will also not receive any new character parts.

There are some G3 Tournaments from 23:00 today. 🙂 Watch out for G2 as well… I’ve seen a few around, but we can’t join them so I don’t really understand why they are out. Especially G2 XL Cup…?

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