January 30, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

A really awesome update will be coming next week… Feburary 7th will be a Happy Chinese New Year for alot of us who enjoy playing Free Stroke and Match Play Online back in the days where Minna no Golf Online was still around.

Though I won’t be around to confirm this… the updates will include:

  • Free Stroke Online – similar to offline multiplayer but you walk on the course.
  • Match Play Online – well just like what it is, you can verse people one on one.
  • Extra Options for online multiplayer such as XL Cup etc.
  • Limiting what type of people can join rooms will be available.

Other things to mention… maybe? Well there are information that is leaning towards future downloadable content such as new characters and new courses… In Feburary there will be a download which will allow you to use Yukino, the main menu character…. In March there will be a download for Gloria… and in April a new course called Oceania Resort based on Australia are planned for release. 🙂 Minna no Golf 5 Online will soon reach full score in my reviews. 😀

The downloadable content may require players to purchase them through the Playstation Store… Sorry everyone who imported the game.

Source: Next Month’s Famitsu Magazine. Releases Feburary 1st.

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