February 14, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

It seems the new system that Sayako notified me about is on the Playstation 3 Mingol 5 Site… which I can’t access right now… actually I can just not going to bother. The system will be updated during today’s maintenance… Basically your Grade will be determined by your points…

Update [08021401]:

Points are gained from each time you play a Grade Tournament:

  • First Place: 4 Points.
  • Second Place: 3 Points.
  • Top 20% Place: 2 Points.

So when you gain a certain amount of points you will be promoted:

  • G2 Promotion: 8 Points or above.
  • G1 Promotion: 20 Points or above.
  • G0 Promotion: 30 Points or above.

Basically you’ll still be promoted without winning at all… this will balance out the numbers in the grades as you will not be required to win to stay in your grade… but demotion is still around of course:

  • G3 Demotion: During G2 within 20 rounds you have gained 0 points.
  • G2 Demotion: During G1 within 30 rounds you have gained 2 points or less.
  • G1 Demotion: During G0 within 40 rounds you have gained 2 points or less.

Points are reset between each Promotion or Demotion. Though essentially the points are quite similar to the previous system, it just makes it slightly easier to keep your grade and promote up to a higher level… Personally I am not really into this new system… as the current system clearly splits the strongest players from the new players.

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