June 26, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Was doubting a update this month when there was no news about it yesterday… But they eventually updated the sites and the game was patching after the usual last maintenance of the month. This time it is Costume Set Volume 2… Also a new online ranking system.

Costume Set Vol.2

 Update [08062601]:

  • New Online Ranking System Added. 
  • Costume Set Volume 2 Added.
    * To use it you will need to purchase it from Playstation Store.
    Playstation Store: みんなのGOLF 5 追加コスチュームセットVol.2使用権:600円

This should be interesting… they also updated the Playstation 3 website for it. So if you are browsing with the Playstation 3 head over there and have a look. As for the new Online Ranking System, this is a seperate system which keeps record of everyones wins, best scores and character loyalty. Continue for more information…

Costume Set Volume 2 has the characters Conan, Chris, Yumin, Nakajima and Johnson…

Costume Set Vol.2 Conan

Ninja Style Conan. Very nice…

Costume Set Vol.2 Conan

Costume Set Vol.2 Chris

Little Sailor Chris. Can he get any more uhh…

Costume Set Vol.2 Chris

Costume Set Vol.2 Yumin

China Dress Yumin… Though her profile says she is Korean? 

Costume Set Vol.2 Yumin

Costume Set Vol.2 Nakajima

Neck tie as head band Judo Nakajima. International Judo Master?

Costume Set Vol.2 Nakajima

Costume Set Vol.2 Johnson

Major League Baseball Player Johnson. More Home Runs than Homings?

Costume Set Vol.2 Johnson

As for the New Online Ranking Board System… it is great fun. There is a board for each Grade Level and you basically see who has the most wins in that grade and where you are in terms of wins on the list. There is also a Best Scores Board for each Course which is reset every month. Also a Loyalty Board which shows how many times a user has used a certain character online. Any unofficial tournaments will not have the best scores update, however wins and scores will update in any official tournament with more than 10 players.

Source: みんなのGOLF5オンラインモードアップデート + Game Watch.

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June 26, 2008 · Time: 10:50 pm · Reezellthia

Sounds good!

June 27, 2008 · Time: 12:00 am · Hikari

Here are the costume set information (very brief):
Conan: Ninja style
Chris: Sailor set
Yumin: Chinese silk dress costume
ナカジマ: Judo style
Johnson: MLB costume

June 27, 2008 · Time: 3:56 am · Reezellthia

I don’t understand which socres are counted on the ranking system. Do they have to be made in a tournament? Do they have to be winning scores? Do they have o obe made in a tournament after this update?reason being I shot -19 at okinawa in a tournament a few weeks ago and cannot find my name 🙁

June 27, 2008 · Time: 7:31 am · GorgeousDre

Should be VERY interesting when the new ranking system comes to the international version and they put the “glitched” scores at the top. LOL. I would really hope that they would notice the problem by then… (and make a patch/fix for it)

June 27, 2008 · Time: 11:18 am · Hikari

Only show how many wins and gradings (G3-G0) in the ranking system…
Unlike pangya, which also shows pangya% (SJI% in Mingol5), longest drive, longest chip-in, no. of aces and albatrosses, and more.

June 27, 2008 · Time: 4:30 pm · Shihiko

Won’t happen. Scores Ranking are reset every month. Scores only made with in a official tournament count for a month.

Only Wins and Character loyalty are counted and stay in the database…

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