July 23, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Ah clock work news this time… Costume Set Vol.3. hopefully the last Costume Set for awhile… Update will commence as usual after tomorrows maintenance which starts at 10:00~12:00 Japan or Server Time.

Costume Set Vol.3

Update [08072401]:

  • Costume Set Volume 3 Added.
    * To use it you will need to purchase it from Playstation Store.
    Playstation Store: みんなのGOLF 5 追加コスチュームセットVol.3使用権:600円

Continue for more details and pictures…

Costume Set Volume 3 has the characters Suzuki, Kid, Sonia, Tiana and Dino…

Costume Set Vol.3 Suzuki

Suzuki in a old english fashion…

Costume Set Vol.3 Suzuki

Costume Set Vol.3 Kid

Kid the Race Car Driver…

Costume Set Vol.3 Kid

Costume Set Vol.3 Sonia

Treasure Hunter Sonia… the gem in this set?

Costume Set Vol.3 Sonia

Costume Set Vol.3 Tiana

Police woman Tiana… the black one means business.

Costume Set Vol.3 Tiana

Costume Set Vol.3 Dino

Hip Hop Musician Dino is in the house… Dino suddenly isn’t that cool anymore.

Costume Set Vol.3 Dino

Guess that is the end of me playing online regularly for awhile since there isn’t anything new that will change the game enough to keep me challenged… For everyone else continue to enjoy the game until you realise that you cannot improve anymore. 🙂

Source: みんなのGOLF5オンラインモードアップデート

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July 24, 2008 · Time: 11:23 am · ronaldhw

this is the weakest costume set compared to the previous 2…. I was hoping yukino or gloria D:

but I may get this one for sonia, I hate her current costume ^^;

July 24, 2008 · Time: 1:43 pm · Shihiko

Yeah don’t like her current myself haha…

Tiana is awesome.

July 25, 2008 · Time: 10:41 pm · Hikari

I love Tiana in full black suit, so cool with sunglasses

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