October 17, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

On top of the recent No Wind Speed Indication and No Super Spins or Back Spins rules there are some new ones added to the tournaments scheduled since the end of the Morigana event.

Those who need to take note this is what they are:
風速表示なし No Wind Speed
残り距離表示なし No Remaining Distance
落下地点表示なし No Club Range Indicator

Enjoy them… 😉

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October 20, 2008 · Time: 12:39 am · seveNLayers

Have you seen anything of the HOME spaces for MNG5 shihiko?

October 22, 2008 · Time: 12:17 pm · Shihiko

Nope, don’t have home beta access and no one has talked about such a thing online.

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