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Alright we are now reaching the Third Month of the Mingol and Mainichi Issho Festival Collaboration… as predicted Toro will be joining the characters of Minna no Golf 5 as a playable golfer. Actually they already hinted that during one of the Mainichi Issho News sessions.

Downloadable Content for Mingol 5 and Mainichi Issho.

Toro will be a Beginner/Novice character and costs the same as the other downloadable characters… 500 yen. On the other side of the coin, Mainichi Issho will be getting Minnya no Putter Golf. Which is Minigolf with your cat avatar against Jasmine for 600 yen. For more details about Minnya no Putter Golf you will need to read the full post…

Toro Teeing Up.

Toro ready to tee off.

Toro Swings.

Camera probably zooms up closer for Advanced Swing…

Stroke Play with Toro.

Toro sure is tiny…

Mainichi Issho 2 Year Memorial Event.

Details about the next event here… Tournaments for the Mainichi Issho 2 Year Memorial Event will begin during November 8th~13th and the Event Club House will be open during November 6th~13th.

Mainichi Issho 2 Year Memorial Event Prizes.

Prizes include a few T-shirts and a participation flag. Still a top ten event ranking prize, participation and special lotto prize.

Mainichi Issho Minigolf with Jasmine.

Minnya no Putter Golf is a Mini Game Addon to the Mainichi Issho Mini Games and will allow you to play Minigolf with Jasmine as your custom cat avatar…

Mainichi Issho Minigolf uses Traditional Shot.

Look it uses Traditional Shot. Was it too hard for them to put Advanced in…?

Mainichi Issho Minigolf Jasmine Birdie.

Nice Birdie Jasmine.

Mainichi Issho Minigolf Jasmine Cat Avatar.

The cat has a Jasmine Costume. I think that costs 500 yen…

Mainichi Issho Minigolf Jasmine Cat Par.

Nice Par little kitty. hah… Jasmine Pose.

Mainichi Issho Minigolf Caddie.

Toro will be your Caddie for this game…

Mainichi Issho Minigolf uses SIXAXIS.

Guess it wasn’t too hard because ClapHanz decided to use the SIXAXIS motion sensing for an optional putting experience.

Mainichi Issho Minigolf 9 Holes.

All this includes 9 Holes of Minigolf Action…

Source: まいにちいっしょ – トロ・ステーション

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