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Time to talk about our recent companion… Toro. Toro is a guest character from another popular Japanese series Dokodemo Issyo. He is a cat who dreams to be a human. Toro and his friends have recently been on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable in a series called Mainichi Issyo, where they discuss recent topics or up coming games on a daily basis. Mainichi Issyo is only available on the Japanese Playstation Network and is free to play or download for both the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Portable. The extras for the game is expensive though…

Just like before when the Mainichi Issho lobby hats were released…
Toro is currently only available from the Japanese Playstation Store.
Available from the latest update [Ver. 08103001 or later] and costs 500 yen as are the other add-on characters for Mingol 5.

Despite Toro and his friends aren’t hard to model there is only Toro from the cast of Dokodemo Issyo. I think it would have been nice if you could use Kuro for the 6P costume since Toro and friends don’t actually talk, but instead they squeak and make noises. Toro comes his original look then 5 clothed variations…

Toro is a Novice with great starting stats… His character type is on a similar level to Suzuki. With Toro’s loyalty maxed and Infinity equiped you should have some pretty decent stats:

  • 246y Power [Base: 232y]
  • Control Lv. A [Base: B]
  • Impact Lv. A [Base: S]
  • Spin Lv. A [Base: B]
  • Side Spin Lv. E [Base: D]  
  • Rain- : [Base: Rough+]
  • Straight Shots
  • Though being on the same level as Suzuki, he lacks quite abit of power… Toro is probably not a replacement for Suzuki but more of a replacement for Jasmine or Chris. His swing is hard to see for the 90~100% due to his small size and the lack of zooming for his character. Also because his head is so big and his clubs are so small even if you change the camera angle you are dealing with a bad view for either power or impact. Front view can’t see power because his head is in the way, back view can’t see impact because his leg is in the way… Angled view works, but changing the camera everytime you want to take a shot becomes abit tedious.

    Toro’s swing timing is similar to Jasmine and Chris, so if you are going for 100% it is not much of a problem. However using Toro for awhile will yeild the same problem as using Kratos for awhile… you lose the ability to hit properly with other characters for a few holes once you get used to their strange swing animations.

    He is great fun to use, and isn’t an annoying player in stroke because he can’t make much noise… Also has quite a few intros and little combinational fanfares with different caddies so is very fun to watch when you are playing as him. He is worth the purchase but not a must have character… 😉

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