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Recently the Japanese PlayStation Store was given a free software for the Playstation 3 called Adhoc Party for PlayStation Portable. It is around 5Mb… For those who have both devices it allows you to play with others with non-infrastructure multiplayer games on the PSP without having to goto heaps of trouble with learning how to tunnel the signal using other software on a computer with a specific wireless network cards.

The software itself is very easy to use. I was able to play a few different games with my friend in Japan with close to no setup required apart from switching the Playstation 3 from wireless to wired network. Ping maybe awful but with the right games you don’t really notice it. Mingol has always been great for this sort of gaming…


  • Simple as plug and play. Start up enter a lobby then join or create a room.
  • Auto detects PSP through SSID following.
  • No manual setup required.


  • Requires a wireless capable Playstation 3 System.
  • Requires connecting Playstation 3 System with a wired connection.
  • Currently only supports 4 Players per room.
  • Text chat system not very user friendly.
  • Currently no PC version for those without a Playstation 3 available.
    [Would be a very nice PSP accessory. A PlayStation USB WiFi + Software that connects to the same servers using your Playstation Network ID on a PC or non-wireless equiped PS3 allowing you to easily tunnel your PSP Adhoc gaming around the world.]

Although there is quite a few cons none of them effect the performance of the service, so if you have the right equipment already then the cons don’t matter and even if they do Sony may come up with something later down as the current version of Adhoc Party is in Beta.

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