December 24, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

I would have thought this was out on the last patch, but no they decided to save it as a Christmas Update. Which means there is nothing new this month…

 Also the 0 Second Freeze Bug has been fixed.

Update [08122501]:

  • Voice Chat Added to Match Play Format Game Rooms.
  • Zero Second Message Freeze Bug Fixed.
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January 17, 2009 · Time: 5:27 pm · gmoney

the D-Bag Challenge:

Okay, so i’m pretty good at the hot shots games. really good in fact. i’ve never been beaten by anyone, with the rare exception of an off day. i’ve come to the conclusion though, that some of the scores i see online are bullshit. so i’m calling bullshit and i’m starting here. i don’t know how people are finding ways to rig their scores, but i know for a fact that they are not possible, and i’m going to put my money where my mouth is. i’m starting with you shihiko. i have to think you are the best player around, so let’s do this.

the challenge: i will play you in a round of 18 on the crown. if you can score a -20 in one try, i’ll give you a $20 u.s. playstation card. i’ll send you the code no questions asked. no special rules, any character, i set up the match and you join in. pretty simple. i don’t think you can do it. -20 on that course is not obtainable in my opinion. many claim to have done it, but i have to see it with my own eyes. you are not playing against me, just yourself. if at the end you have a -21, you get the money. as an added bonus, if you can hit an ace or double eagle that you are so fond of posting, i’ll bump the card up to $30 u.s.

to hit that score you have to count on hitting all four eagles on par 5’s and another chip in eagle or ace. not going to happen, too much variation in wind and pin placement to count on that. so there you have it. i’m in the us central time zone, name the time and place. i have both the us version and the japanese version, so you can even pick the game. tell me where and when and in what lobby, i’ll see you there….

psn id: gcash73

January 18, 2009 · Time: 12:17 am · gmoney

okay, so i was clearly drinking when i wrote that last post at 2:30 in the morning and my math was fuzzy… i intended to say -23, but i’ll split the difference and say -21. that is birdies out with 3 eagles… still i don’t think that is possible outside of one super lucky round. step up!

January 18, 2009 · Time: 10:53 pm · Shihiko

Interesting Challenge… Though I would take it up if it was the Japanese card as I have no use for a US card except to hold another event… we will see then… kind of busy lately which you can probably tell by the lack of updates the site is getting. Though there haven’t been any big news so it is alright.

January 19, 2009 · Time: 5:04 am · gmoney

you don’t have time to play 18 holes? i have no problem trying something different for payment… maybe paypal you 20 us for whatever you want… i just want to see if you can do it.

January 20, 2009 · Time: 10:50 am · Shihiko

Well more of a timezone thing, if you can find me then sure no problem. Usually on the mingol server. Unseen finds me alot heh…

January 26, 2009 · Time: 6:38 am · unseen555

shi i only look 4 u when no one else is on nothing else 🙁

February 5, 2009 · Time: 9:00 pm · Shihiko

Yeah I know 😉 just saying it isn’t hard to find me.

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