February 5, 2009 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Alright just got the update for Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds…

Not going to cover the news for the International version anymore, the team handling that server is lame. What was wrong with Jurrasic Island C.C.?
Golfasaurus-Rex B.C.C…. Someone has been smoking the wrong batch of grass.

Anyway, this update brings all the downloadable content up to date with the Mingol server… so I guess I will just cover Mingol and it should give people an idea of what is to come.

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February 8, 2009 · Time: 11:13 pm · gmoney

I don’t know if this is possible, but the sound seems to be even worse on the international version than the Japanese! the tree falling doesn’t make any noise and the ending sounds frequently screw up. why can’t Clap Hanz get the DLC right… or release more of it. where are additional outfits for Gloria or Alex!!!! they need to get on the ball or release Hot Shots 6…

February 10, 2009 · Time: 11:45 am · Shihiko

Yeah the sound bug is kind of serious sometimes, but it is only on Jurassic so you sort of have to deal with it. Kind of like the Oceania sound bug where sometimes the characters lines just cut off.

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