March 11, 2009 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Someone saw this coming… I didn’t since the schedule of it isn’t the usual time of the month. Libits or the more globally acknowledged name Sackboy will be coming to Minna no Golf 5 from tomorrow after the usual Thursday maintenance.

Update [09031201]:

  • Libits [Sackboy] Character Added.*
    * To use him you will need to purchase him from the Playstation Store.
    Playstation Store: みんなのGOLF 5 追加キャラクター「リビッツ」使用権:500円

Probably just a Toro clone in terms of usage… Stats might be interesting. Libits [Sackboy] are Power Based Beginner/Novice Character type…


  • Power: C [250y]
  • Control: C
  • Impact: A
  • Spin: C
  • SideSpin: D 
  • Ball Type: Mid Height Fade 
  • Good in Bunker, Bad in Rain.

Various Costumes.

Source: みんなのGOLF5公式サイト: オンラインモード

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March 11, 2009 · Time: 11:24 pm · Hikari

Is he a beginner or intermediate player?

March 12, 2009 · Time: 6:07 pm · clint_westwood

wow this is great ……..pah!!!! is this a desperate attempt to convert the international players of LBP over to EGWT to boost numbers and worse still he hates the rain!!!!! arggggggggghhhh!!! , prepare for soggy sackboy!!!!

thanks EGWT for this major comeback!!!!???!!! *sob*

March 12, 2009 · Time: 6:52 pm · Shihiko

Oh yeah the news from the Playstation blog today says that, I guess I don’t need to cover it anymore now. Like I said now they have synced up on updates, it will probably roll out at around the same times.

March 12, 2009 · Time: 7:35 pm · clint_westwood

yeah but at least minna is not rain infested 🙁

March 13, 2009 · Time: 1:42 am · Shihiko

Was this really the update they were saying would change things?

March 13, 2009 · Time: 3:23 am · clint_westwood

no i dont think so, and i have since contacted them about that explaining that yes sackboy is now to sony what mario is to nintendo, i can see an influx of new kids getting the game because of this, and more so with the reduced price.

but this does not look after the hardcore golfers , still have trial cups and hours between rainy novice tours…..

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