September 3, 2009 · Type: Minteni Event · Shihiko

If you have been wondering why Clap Hanz has probably been abit weak on updates and new content it maybe due to this… and also Minna no Sukkiri. Which is just a small PSP game… however for those who have played Minna no Tennis before on the PlayStation 2 this might light up to you as a game to look forward to.

Minna no Tennis Portable has been announced and is to be released this winter in Japan. The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show along with Minna no Sukkiri which is a game full of random mini-games that are supposedly meant to make you feel good.

Minna no Tennis Portable!

Minna no Tennis was actually a really good game. I think I may have wrote about it in the past… but my thoughts on the original was that it was too easy and lacked single player content. I remember finishing the game within 9 or 15 hours using just Erenoa.

Easy to Play with Anyone!

But the best part was pulling out the game at a party with a group of friends who were ready to head home… then the game took another 4 hours into the night from them. 😀 Also thought the game needed more customisation… this time it probably will have rackets and footwear [Well that’s what I think the gear should be… being part of the Portable series it might be overall character customisation like MingolP]. However since it was their first attempt at something other than Golf I think it was well executed.

Customize your Character!

The game will allow multi-player with up to four PSPs in a two on two doubles game or a one on one singles game. There is also a single player mode which features a Tennis Quest…? Well we shall see if it is better than the original one. 🙂


Since there haven’t been much detail in relation to the two games I kind of forgot about posting it… and I still don’t understand the movement they have decided to go in and ended up with Sukkiri. Anyway if you are interested in any of the two games… I’ll keep updating if I see anything new related to these games from now.

New Unique Characters

Minna no Tennis Official Site: 「みんなのテニスポータブル公式サイト」
Minna no Sukkiri Official Site: 「みんなのスッキリ!公式サイト」

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September 12, 2009 · Time: 8:15 pm · Envisager

Yeah, I downloaded the Sukkiri Demo off the Japanese Store (i’m learning to navigate it quite well XD). Quite an addictive little game, but the demo is over far too quickly. The tennis is looking good also though!

September 12, 2009 · Time: 8:20 pm · Shihiko

I still have no idea why they are doing Sukkiri though. Maybe the whole iPhone and Minigames are starting to effect larger companies. 🙁

Also Tennis might be as I thought with actual gear like rackets and shoes beyond the normal character customisation of the portable series. If you look at the above image of the two characters, the male is carrying a Big Air Racket. While in the game screenshot he has a different racket. Though that might just be my own speculation on it. But really, how can they not have customizable gear?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have faster running characters and better hitting rackets just like how clubs and balls make golf characters better?

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