September 24, 2009 · Type: Minteni Event · Shihiko

More clues and details to the upcoming PSP release Minna no Tennis Portable. It shows a few things that I mentioned before without confirmation, such as equipment… though all I see is Rackets. I was hoping for Rackets and Shoes. Well the familiar brands will be reappearing as usual… 🙂


The thing I like about the concept and thought they should have pulled this off alot earlier instead of releasing MingolP2 was that this unlike those tennis games that we usually play on the consoles you get your own camera during multi-player which means no one will complain about being on the top side or something about depth perception.

Anyway from what I gathered from the video the loyalty system will be added to this version along with the gears and the new challenge mode which mentioned in the previous post was going to be an RPG feel type. Not sure how that will work out, but I hope the game runs well through Ad-hoc party. 😉

If you would like to see the PV it’s the following link…

Video: Minna no Tennis Portable Promotional Video

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