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There is 11 or so playable characters available in MinteniP, currently there is information about 6 of them and 2 umpires. So I’ll provide some quick overview of these characters.

The Playable Characters:


Emi [19 y.o.]
“A Girl full of vitamins and an energetic smile.”

A girl who’s good at  all sports. With a bright and refreshing personality, her easy going friendliness towards everyone is her most charming aspect.

[The first all-rounder player with high impact skill along with good top spin and slice serves  are a few of her techniques in her arsenal.]


Ban [15 y.o.]
“An All-Out-Explosive energetic young boy.”

A young boy who loves Tennis that is full of energy. He’s the type that his body will react before he can think and will often become a bit overeager.

[The first net player you will be able to use with high impact, his got a very steady shot and good volleys. With a decent amount of stamina he will be fine no matter how much moving and turning he does.]


Tiger [16 y.o.]
“The Lightning Boy that runs the courts.”

Ace of the Nakagawa Tennis Club. Been in the club since he was a child and his progress through the courts are quite impressive.

[A power type baseline player. Due to his dislike of practice he lacks in stamina but has a powerful stroke and an air short drives that are well above average.]


Wendy [21 y.o.]
“Brightly「Go! Fight!」today.”
[What? well the sentence makes sense in Japanese but I am kind of confused trying to keep it short.]

Cheer leading club’s captain. A mood maker that boosts and excites everyone with her brightness and looks.

[A speed type net player. Specializing in slice shots and footwork, catches up with most balls.]


Brad [41 y.o.]
“Showing you the best stage!”

A popular world famous movie star.  Acting schools teach a wide range of roles. His love for tennis is also famous and he is exceptionally skilled in it as well.

[A power type all rounder player.  Strong powerful shots with high point smashes/flat serves are his weaponry in games.]

Rosetta [17 y.o.]
“Brilliant Princess Tennis.”

Daughter of the Victor House dating back to the 18th Century. Gifted with the ability to play tennis, even how she puts adults to shame with her true skills.

[High control baseline player. Makes good use of rising and drop shots into a counter style tennis. Her only weak point is her back hand.]


[Too lazy to translate these two profiles at the moment.]

[19 y.o.]

Nabe [28 y.o.]

That’s it for now… I’ll be back to clean this up later today.

Source: Minna no Tennis Portable Characters.

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