February 24, 2010 · Type: Minteni Event · Shihiko

Minna no Tennis Portable is out tomorrow [Feburary 25th]… You will be able to purchase the downloadable version of the game from the Playstation Store for 3,800 Yen.

It is also out in retail stores for those who prefer the UMD release for the retail price of 4,980 Yen. I’m sure if you search around you’ll be able to find it cheaper. 🙂

Well I’ll try to get it soon, but yeah no real rush as there is No Online capabilities for this release. For those who want to play I’ll be looking to play using Adhoc Party… Also you probably don’t need the buy the game if you want to play. if you have the latest version of the PSP firmware as there is also Game-Sharing available. You can most likely Game-Share with a friend or someone else using Adhoc Party. 😀

Official Minteni Portable Site: みんなのテニスポータブル公式サイト

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