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The Demo wasn’t a good measure of the game, but it does allow you to do quite a bit for a demo… However, I have just tested this game using Game Sharing and Adhoc Party with a friend of mine. Despite being a long distance connection through Adhoc Party and a few hiccups and testing phases to work things out, the game runs very smoothly once you are in.

The Game Sharing process through Adhoc Party wasn’t so great… it does work but took a lot of time and effort to get it going, the good thing is Clap Hanz has designed the Game Sharing client to install a special Game Share version of the game into your Memorystick so you don’t have to go through the painful process all over again.

The demo is quite different to the real game. As I have said the demo was created and used during the Tokyo Game Show, and was limited to being packed with the Japanese PSPGo units. Obviously because the demo was a work in progress so they didn’t want people to judge their game before the full version was released. I actually thought the demo was lacking and had a few issues that needed to be dealt with, but I knew there were already some game system changes that were due for the full release and already discussed on the MinteniP Official Site.

It was interesting what Clap Hanz did to make the multi-player experience a lot more enjoyable. Why couldn’t they have done this for the MingolP series? At first when you start Game Sharing mode, the host will send the Game Share users a client. This client will boot up and search for the host, who will then send another file to the client… The client will install this file onto the Game Share user’s memory stick and then they will be able to boot up this version of the game any time they want. Once it loads up… it begins to search for a Game Room. This means the end of the painful Game Sharing uploading/downloading and you can just boot up the Sharing version from the Game menu on the XMB.

The Demo Version and the Game Share Version.

As a bonus for those who would like to try this Adhoc Party thing with a friend who already owns the game, I have provided the Game Share version of the game so you can download it and put it into your PlayStation Portable to load up the client. Also the Demo version for those who don’t using PSP Media Go or PlayStation Store or don’t have a Japanese Account. It’s great fun and runs very well through Adhoc Party, so hopefully you know someone who has the game and can try the Game Share version. The Demo requires PSP Firmware 5.51 or above, the Game Share version requires Firmware 6.20 or above… however I have also provided a special modified version which will allow a PSP Firmware 5.00 to run the Game Share version. It also includes the MinteiP Theme Music which was in the Demo… not sure why it wasn’t in the Game Share version.

[5.00 Game Share version.]

Though I said the game runs smoothly on Adhoc Party, I can still see lag happening while playing. However this does not effect the smoothness of the game or the flow, so that is what I meant by smooth. Good Job Clap Hanz! 😀

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