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Well here is part two of the information…

More Playable Characters:

Mitsuzane [20 y.o.]
“Samurai of Lawn Tennis.”

The 70th Generation owner of the Shiranui Castle. Who became the owner at a young age. His mission is to protect the castle with a strong sense of responsibility well beyond his age.

[Fast slice shots are his specialty, he is well balanced but well applying angled shots there will be a loss of pitch.]

Paola [12 y.o.]
“Glittering Girl of the Southern Island.”

The Laguna Island Gamine. She is young yet also optimistic with an “it will work out” attitude being part of her nature and also becomes her best strength.

[Fast Footwork type character, also with a good weapon up her sleeves backhand topspins that fall at a low pitch.]

Fan [80 y.o.]
“Training is within Tennis.”

With a martial arts dojo set up in the mountains. Even now he shows mischievous and rigorous training in his discipline to remain still, and has a kindness in his personality to apprentices.

[Good at deceptive shots with side spins, and has very stable and high shot control.]

Rachael [31 y.o.]
“Perfect Queen.”

The Super Career Woman that ran the world. With a superior forward reading and judgement skill, at first glance you may think she has it wrong but in the end you will agree and understand her judgement.

[High power, sharp and aggressive type character. Her serves are the biggest weapon and is at top notch.]

Schneider [30 y.o.]
“Absolute Maverick Champion.”
[Schneider lens, photo print. 4X optical zoom… Blonde Federer?]

A world’s top player. He is a regular finals tennis player and to win a major champion ship is everything.

[Coherent high-level all-round character. Plays hard destructive shots.]

The latest update shows:

Suzuki [55 y.o.]
“Middle Age Star of Hope.”

Everybody’s Golf’s Suzuki appears once again in the Everybody’s Tennis series, with the intent to keep his rock-solid reputation.

[Low Stamina but high food speed, with a specialty in high lobs and fast wit spins.]

“Objective! Athletic Comedy.”

Yakkun appears in Everybody’s Tennis Portable…[I really don’t care about this guy so if you wanna read up head to Wiki.]

[Easy to handle and balanced character. Likes to do drop shots and low bouncing balls with a good slice.]

Gloria… of course. Don’t use silhouettes of characters we already know haha…

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March 6, 2010 · Time: 12:33 am · yannzoo2

It’sweird how Schneider is close to Federer, most noticeably his backhand…

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