June 22, 2010 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

So Chris the producer over at the US PlayStation.Blog usually posts about the Hot Shots games but this time he has put up a video talking about Hot Shots Tennis…  there are spoilers in the video in regards to the story so if you wanted to play without any of that just don’t watch the video.


  • Brand new RPG styled gameplay.
  • One-of-a-kind gamesharing features
  • Ad-hoc multiplayer (Singles or Doubles matches)
  • Multiple customization options with a touch of the Hot Shots flare
  • Great new zainy characters and one menacing Helgasht soldier.

Guess that rules out Online Multi-player through Infrastructure or PlayStation Network… There will always be Ad-hoc party for those who already have a PlayStation 3 though. The game runs fairly well on an average connection but the lag can get a bit absurd.

Oh, I also figured out why there is the KillZone guy, because well in Minna no Tennis they had a celebrity character who is well unknown outside of Japan. The cross-dressing celebrity fits well in the portable series however might be a little disturbing outside of Japan so they put the KillZone character instead.

Source: Hot Shots Tennis Hits PSP June 29!

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June 22, 2010 · Time: 10:33 pm · yannzoo2

There are definitely some slight tweaks through the game, not only Helghast costumes…

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