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Wow some writer over at Joystiq posted about HST:GaG… Clearly not qualified to post at a game website/blog if you cannot quickly grasp game mechanics for different games. You shouldn’t compare a game to other series of the same genre, except when the game has no previous releases and you are writing a review with comparison. The game should be compared to it’s original title, in this case the Hot Shots Tennis title on the PlayStation 2. Maybe he just couldn’t PI. 😉

Umm… did the game get sponsors? Paola has an Adidas Racket.

Personally, I’d say Minteni’s style of game play is a lot more intuitive. The Perfect Impact system along with the [ugh] Rabbit and Turtle helps the player improve and understand what they are doing wrong or why shots don’t end up how they wanted. I remember playing other tennis games such as the Sega Virtual Tennis series, the game was great of course… but I could never understand what I was doing to hit those awesome shots or why the character sometimes hits delayed or leaps for a shot he could have easily stepped into. [Not talking about the career mode character where the stats effect your characters performance greatly and you can become retarded very quickly if you press at the wrong time or run around too much.]

Anyway there is a few comments that follow up the article that has people disagreeing with it so I guess true gamers knows what it takes to enjoy a game.
You can follow this link to read the Fail: Preview: Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip

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June 30, 2010 · Time: 1:09 am · yannzoo2

I am trying to fight tennis ignorance among the so called video game journalists for a long time, but this quest is far from being completed…

June 30, 2010 · Time: 1:15 am · Shihiko

Hah. Quest… that is a fun way to put it.

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