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Along with the Museum site opening there has been a new trailer released for Minna no Golf 6. It has some new information along with brief glimpses of new characters and details of the new shots.

So it looks like there is going to be 5 shot styles… Traditional Shot, Advanced Shot, Gauge Shot, Circle Shot and Arrow Shot. You will be able to choose which suits you best. I’ll be going Circle Shot then…

Wait…? Isn’t Gauge and Traditional the same thing? Apparently not… Traditional has a straight bar and Gauge has a curved bar… Circle Shot and Arrow Shot also has a curved bar for power setting. I would have thought if they were going to go this far, why not just allow us to mix and match our own power and impact styles?

There is a glimpse of two new courses in the video [La Provence Resort and Arabian Golf Club]… A Desert type course makes a return. Frankly I think the courses designed for this iteration of the game steps forward by stepping back into the style of the older games.

Other parts of the video didn’t reveal much that was not already mentioned. There does seem to be another unannounced character towards the end of the video… Still no Yukino replacement yet, it’ll be one of the downloadable characters no doubt.

Game Watch Impress released three new screenshots with the opening of Mingol Museum for Minna no Golf 6. I will link to the article for anyone interested.

Game Watch Impress: SCEJ、公式ページにて「みんなのGOLF ミュージアム」を開設「みんGOL」もついに15周年! 歴史を振り返るページに!!

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