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A few players have requested this. Though I feel it is a bit of a spoiler for first time players it may seem more like a frustration for those who are trying to obtain the achievement. So I’ve translated all the requirements for the King of Kings trophy.

Crown Challenges are basically the normal challenge mode but you have to apply to clear the special conditions yourself. The first ones are easy, but there are a few that require you to obtain loyalty or equipment to achieve. If you’ve finished the challenges and are in need of this information continue on in this post. If you don’t want to spoilt it for when you get the game then don’t… 😉

Beginners Rank

  • 1-1 Win with 2000pts or more.
  • 1-2 Hit a Rising Shot and Win.
  • 1-3 One shot the green on a Par 4 and Win.
  • 1-4 Par On Keep/Green in Regulation 100% and Win.
  • 1-5 Hit three or more Bogeys and Win.
Vs. Karen/Cosplay
  • Get an Eagle and Win.

Amateur Rank

  • 2-1 Just Impact 50% or more and Win.
  • 2-2 Fairway Keep 100% and Win.
  • 2-3 Apply Spin on every shot and Win.
  • 2-4 Win with 2000pts or more.
  • 2-5 Win without using Spin shots.
Vs. Tank/Cosplay
  • Win within the first 3H.

Pro Rank

  • 3-1 Make a Par or better 10m+ Putt and Win.
  • 3-2 Hit a Pin shot and Win.
  • 3-3 Birdie three times in a row and Win.
  • 3-4 Win without landing in the rough.
  • 3-5 Birdie three times in a row and Win.
Vs. Grace/Cosplay
  • Win with only one putt per hole.
Bronze Rank
  • 4-1 Win with -3 or better score.
  • 4-2 Win with Fairway Keep 80% or better.
  • 4-3 Par On/Green in Regulation 100% and Win.
  • 4-4 Win with -4 or better score.
  • 4-5 Win without any O.B/W.H.
Vs. Edge/Cosplay
  • Win with consecutive Birdies.
Silver Rank
  • 5-1 Perform a 1m near pin approach and Win.
  • 5-2 Win without using Spin shots.
  • 5-3 Par On/Green in Regulation 100% and Win.
  • 5-4 Win with 1500pts or more.
  • 5-5 Perform a Birdie or better Chip in and Win.
Vs. Max
  • Win without any Bogeys.
Gold Rank
  • 6-1 Perform a 2m near pin approach and Win.
  • 6-2 Win without any O.B/W.H.
  • 6-3 Win without landing in the bunker.
  • 6-4 Perform a 3m near pin approach and Win.
  • 6-5 Birdie or better the last hole and Win.
Vs. Fatima/Cosplay
  • Win without using Power Mode.
Platinum Rank Vs. Isaac/Cosplay
  • Win without changing the default club selected by the game.

Congratulations on getting the King of Kings Trophy! 😉

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December 31, 2011 · Time: 3:39 pm · USFman10

Can you post a video of all of the shot types? I’ve only seen videos of the first two available. Is there an advanced shot type that is the same as the HSG5? Thanks!

December 31, 2011 · Time: 3:41 pm · Shihiko

I guess, but don’t have anything to record with at the moment. There is no video out on the machine either so… I would have to camera it and there is too much noise around and upload slow here. I’ll see when I get a chance.

December 31, 2011 · Time: 4:20 pm · USFman10

Okay. Perhaps even a list of them with descriptions of each would be cool too. Thanks! Also, is there any overhead putting (i.e. putting system in HSG5)?

December 31, 2011 · Time: 6:20 pm · Shihiko ?

There is an overhead camera, but you have to use the touch screen controls to access it. It isn’t just a few button presses.

Here is a video for all the shot types:

January 1, 2012 · Time: 8:33 am · HEC007

Yes, there is the same advance type of shot like in HSG5 – check this my video where it’s being used – it’s the 4th one of five total available in the game (2nd o 3 additional unlockable / purchasable) and my most favourite. It has a tiny disadvantage that under certain lithing conditions as it’s a bit harder to see and sometimes the power curve is even covered by objects in the foreground (like trees and bushes / leaves) but I hope that’s not intentional but rather a bug and hopefully will be corected in some future patch. I you want videos of anything else from the game just let me know, I have already pretty large part of it unlocked and have the equipment to make and upload videos as well as screenshots.

Here is the video:

Happy New Year to everyone!

January 1, 2012 · Time: 9:34 am · Shihiko

I merged your post.

January 1, 2012 · Time: 8:49 pm · HEC007


Thanks a bunch for all the translations Shi!

Some of the translations are not entirelly clear – like 1-5 … I’ve hit the tree plus got one bogey and one double bogey – all in one round – and indeed won but no Crow.

In general – you need always to win + fulfll the special condition.

1-4 and 2-1 are also a bit unclear in the meaning,

January 1, 2012 · Time: 8:59 pm · Shihiko

Actually… I noticed that too, I double bogeyed some hole thinking it would count towards the crown. However I finished without getting it so I tried with only 3 bogeys and it worked. Some you just have to follow exactly I guess…?

Par on Keep is a status for your performance. It basically means Green in Regulation, where you land the green and your next shot is a Birdie putt. It means you have a good chance to par the hole. The game keeps this status in your result and you see it as a %. It is the same as Fairway Keep. In short, just land the green every time for a bird even if you can’t make the putt…

January 2, 2012 · Time: 7:04 am · USFman10

Thanks for the link to the advanced shot! Looks good, but the back shot appears slower. Gonna have to get used to it. So I can put over head with the little ball like in HSG5?

January 2, 2012 · Time: 8:11 am · HEC007

You can press Select to see the top view map (exactly the same way like in HSG5 on PS3) plus there is 5 additional selectable camera modes as well (so in total 6 including the default one + tom / map view as 7th) – you can choose them via touch screen camera icon:

High View
Player (1st person) View
Side View (facing the player)
Free Flying / Moving Camera (you can freely move the cam around, tilt, pan and zoom using both analog sticks plus “aim” the view using the sixaxis / move sensors of Vita – basically you “look around” by pointing device itself) – this one is quite sweet once you’d get hold of it’s all directional / zoom / movement controls. You can litelarly fly up in the sky or crawl on the floor.
Low Camera

Apart of all above if you press Select twice camera will change to the point of target view. Once I’ll finish with grabing some extra points for the sale I make a video of all the camera views to make it easier to understand if you want.

March 2, 2012 · Time: 11:19 am · Shaq33Cavs33

Well for the 7VS crown requirements, what does
“Win with only the set club number!” mean?!?!?

March 2, 2012 · Time: 1:08 pm · Shihiko

Don’t switch the club when it’s your shot.

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