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Now this is a cool addition to Minna no Golf play style. Technically it is exactly the same, just more visually appealing. I was going to write about this earlier but forgot. Anyway… in Minna no Golf 5 there will be a new shot system called Honkaku Shot [ 本格ショット] which pretty much means Real Shot. Well I will explain how it works…

Shot Menu

First up is the menu, before you start the game you will be given this menu. You can choose between the Original shot system and the new Honkaku shot system. I recommend giving it a try, it looks interesting…

Honkaku Shot Screenshot 01

Upon starting up, you can easily see there is a slight difference than the usual power bar impact interface. The starting trigger is still the same, to begin press Circle.

Honkaku Shot Screenshot 02

Once you’ve started, the character will lift the club up ready to hit the ball. While the character lifts up the club press Circle again when you want to set your power. Here you can see the power being set at 100%.

Honkaku Shot Screenshot 03

Get ready, it’s Power Recovery all over again… Ok only if you’ve played Minna no Golf Portable, you will notice this is slightly similar to recovering your power shots. The character will begin to swing the club towards the ball, your job is to time it so you can press Circle on the moment of impact.

Honkaku Shot Screenshot 04

Perfecting Impact may seem abit more work this time, but once you’re used to it I think it would be alot easier than the usual 3 click system. You’ll notice how this is still a 3 click system, just the play style is different. A better explaination can be found on the Official Site, but it’s in Japanese of course. That’s it for now… Enjoy Perfect Impacting!

Minna no Golf 5 New System Introduction: みんなのGOLF5新システム紹介
Indepth Source + Image Source: Game

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