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Those that weren’t following me on Twitter today will have missed that I redeemed the prizes for the DocomoDake Cup. I also used them for some of today’s Daily Tournaments. Though they aren’t anything special this post will outline what you missed…

If you participated in the DocomoDake Cup Events for each tournament you will have received an email from the 21st of February that notifies you of your participation in which tournament. If you participated in all four rounds then you will have received five emails in total. You’ll then redeem your prize with the details from the email on the PlayStation Store.

Round One Participation Prize: Chichi DocomoDake Ball.

Round Two Participation Prize: Musume DocomoDake Club.

Round Three Participation Prize: Haha DocomoDake Ball.

Round Four Participation Prize: Kareshi DocomoDake Club.

Round Three & Four Participation Prize: Chichi DocomoDake Lobby Part.

Once you redeem your prizes and restart the game it will install the contents into your game data… You will then be able to use the items in game… Though these items are supposed to be of no effect to the characters status… DocomoDake Clubs and DocomoDake Balls actually gives a bonus…

Here we have DocomoDake Club and Ball Equipped. The club gives your character the Approach Bonus while the ball increases your Power Shots available by two. Satsuki already has the Approach Bonus so it doesn’t effect her, however she normally has 14 Power Shots for a 18H round and now there is 16 available. [In a 9H round it would only increase 1 Power Shot.]

Chichi DocomoDake is the Lobby Part you receive for playing Rounds Three and Four. If you missed one of the tours then you will also miss out on the email notification of receiving this prize. The actual item is classified as an Accessory Lobby Part, it also has a special animation and you can only have one active at a time… It does not even let you  switch it to the other side. Still a cool novelty prize…

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February 28, 2012 · Time: 7:11 pm · HEC007

Cool – pitty I can’t redeem those on my main UK account – will go check my emails!

What day were those emails sent and from what address?

February 28, 2012 · Time: 7:15 pm · Shihiko

Email address of your login will have it. They are all in Japanese so should stand out. Title contains みんなのGOLF6…

February 28, 2012 · Time: 7:16 pm · HEC007

Found them – all 5 – will try redeem soon.

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