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Though this book has been out for awhile, I had my friend pick me up a copy when I found that it has lobby parts to redeem. Also might as well have a look at why competition got tough after this guide book was released…

Though there wasn’t much special information gained for me, it is interesting to see the course guide inside. To me it looks like it shows how to safely approach holes using clubs that allow safer impact zone approaches. Which might explain why everyone else was scoring better after the book was released in Japan.

Most other information is covered by the in-game loading screens and so there isn’t much to know if you’ve already completed the game. One key information that I thought everyone else would enjoy knowing about is the requirements for Mr. Mingol. All you need for your course scores are…

18H Regular Tee Courses: -22, -20, -18, -16, -14, -12.
18H Back Tee Courses: -18, -16, -14, -12, -10, -8.

Looks quite simple then doesn’t it? There is no mention of requirements such as hitting an Albatross or Ace… So it is safe to assume just completing the 12 courses and hitting this minimum amount will give you the Mr. Mingol Rank.

I haven’t claimed the lobby parts as you have to cut open the section in the book to reveal the download code… 🙁

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