May 7, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

The servers are still in maintenance, however the 1.04 patch is now live for download from the Live Area… It is 93MB in size and takes less than five minutes to download on a good connection.

Other than the previously mentioned changes for 1.04 there were a few small details outlined in this update:

  • New Lobby Parts for Grade Tournaments Added.
  • New Lobby Action for Different Grades.
  • Display Trajectory during Real Tournaments.
  • Access the  Prize King Ranking from the Main Menu.
  • Real Tournament Score Bug Display Fixed.
  • VTR Replay Bug Fixed.
  • Other Bug Fixes… [Al Arabian 17H Training Access?]

When you join the lobby after the new patch you will see this new screen outlining the new Grade Tours and Game Room creation availability…

Accessing the Daily Tournaments after the patch will give you this new screen detailing the new weekly system. Mondays there are no tours and are for result announcing…

There is a new interface for the Daily Menu.


It looks like one of the small bugs they fixed was the error that occurs loading up Al Arabian 17H in Training.

Until the servers are back up this is it for now… I cannot confirm the rest of the details. Anyone who has a broken VTR shot should try see if it now replays correctly. 😛

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