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Wow so I did predict this but it is way later than I thought, guess I didn’t account for the ClapHanz team size. Sourced info doesn’t have much details so I’ll try find other sources…stay tuned.

Official Website updated with the info along with pictures and slightly more information about the Online and Cross Platform System. So let’s go over and summarise what is coming to the PlayStation 3 version of Minna no Golf 6.

First up, finally Full HD Minna no Golf is being supported! I’m sure this mean 1080p… Which probably means we are going to be dealing with a new Game Engine compared to Minna no Golf 5. 😀

For those who have been to read up the news else where, Erica and Gloria along with the two new courses will be added to the game as in game content on release… You will also be able to play with the PlayStation Move. There is no information about the play style and mechanics of the PlayStation Move control system but the Mingol 5 version was not too bad when I played it, just that it was no fun without opponents and they didn’t allow you to play online so this is definitely interesting.

Four people stroke makes a come back of course, along with some new features to make it interesting for Expert and Beginners of the game. One of which is another come back for the short hole special course… This does not mean it is the same one that appeared in Mingol 4 but the idea is a course that is made up of only Par 3s. There is also a special rules roulette slot machine… Real Golf Mode better be in those reels. 😀

Cross Platform Play… If anyone else has tried this before and wondered about it, then you might have known this was a possibility… If you go to Mingol6 Lobbies and searched up a player who was playing Mingol5 you will load up the player profile except there is no data. This is because the login server for the games are the same, which means they were planning to connect up the lobbies eventually. Minna no Golf 6 on PS3 will allow players to play against players on the PSV, there will be an icon showing if the player is on PS3 or PSV when playing online. [I’m sure there are some limitations between the two games such as no four people stroke mode or matches due to the difference in the maps and course data. Highly likely only limited to Grade and Real Game Rooms.]

Check out the source for some pictures which is still their work in progress… 🙂

Source: みんなのGOLF6プレーステーション3版登場!

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August 23, 2012 · Time: 12:20 am · yannzoo2

Visionary indeed, now let’s see…

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