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Well that update came around quite fast considering the news about Kitten/Kat [from here on Kitten] was just yesterday… Along with Kitten we have another course making a come back from Minna no Golf 4: Northern Fox Country Club. Similar to Mt. Sakura Onsen C.C. it receives the remix treatment and a few updates to bring it into Mingol 6. The patch is a 353MB download…

Update 1.09:

  • New course added.
  • New character added.
  • New lobby added.
  • Various bug fixes.

Another nostalgic course, well I didn’t remember much of that course until I played it and remember the music it had… then it all came back to me.

The course is available from the PlayStation Store for 600 JPY.

The new character who is also the Sony Guest character to be first featured in this title is Kitten. She is classified as an Expert and is available for 400 JPY from the PlayStation Store.

Official Promotional Video released by Sony…

One of the bugs fixed was the Costume Closet Bug, where the new characters were only allowed to select two sets of their four costumes. What happened was you would be able to see it in the character profile but you cannot use it or edit them.

The new lobby added looks to be a large and less fun version of the second lobby… It is around two times larger and doesn’t have many things to interact with.

There seems to also be a few changes to the Grade System, instead of three wins to promote it seems to have been lowered to two. Maybe it is now 15 points to promote instead of 30 points.

I’ll make another post for a full report of Kitten and edit it once I have finished training her Loyalty to at least three hearts.

Source: 追加コンテンツ配信のお知らせ

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