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When I purchased the Vita I was thinking about getting Gravity Daze, but I didn’t think I had time for it so I didn’t put too much effort obtaining it. It seemed like an interesting game at the time though and I bought it for someone else here… Anyway stories aside, down to the details of the new guest character Kitten/Kat [Here on Kitten as that is the Japanese name of the character in game.] in Minna no Golf 6.

Kitten’s Details

Power B
Control C
Impact D
Spin A
Side Spin B
Attributes Approach+
Character Data
Age ?
Height 160cm?
Weight ?kg
Nationality ?
Hobby Baths
Dislikes Tight Personalities


A girl who lost her memory and the people of the city have come to call her “Kitten” from the fact that she always has a gravity cat named Dusty. Although there are some people in the city with rough personalities, she is always curious and always positive even when on the golf course for the first time.

Kitten costs 400 JPY from the PlayStation Store, and does not have any alternate costumes or default customisable sets. She comes with one costume and that is it… Think of it like when Kratos was released for Mingol 5.

Kitten’s status with Big Air set is similar to Izzak. She lacks a little control however she has more side spin with the Approach attribute and no negative attributes. This makes her probably the strongest character in game again similar to when Kratos was released for Mingol 5.

Buying her gives you her lobby parts but it only comes in one flavour, it also doesn’t feel like it was done very well… I think it’s her lips, compared to the in-game model it seems to be a little off or completely missing. 🙁

I’ll edit this later when I train her up a bit, but if there are any questions or details anyone wants answered leave a comment and I’ll get to it eventually… One thing that is kind of curious is that she can control Gravity right? So easily can make any ball hole out from anywhere right…? 😛

Source: Mingol 6 Player’s Information Site

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December 7, 2012 · Time: 8:43 am · philsterjap

Hi people does anybody know how to get her for the ps3 version also how do you get the short course it’s totally confusing we were told it would be free with the ps3 version kind regards philsterjap

December 7, 2012 · Time: 11:51 am · Shihiko

She is currently not available in the PS3 version of the game, neither is the course that comes with her release. Basically that patch was not applied to the PS3, there maybe some issues with licensing or just they didn’t put it in… There is lots of things that don’t work because the games use a different engine so that might be why things are available and not available.

March 9, 2013 · Time: 11:42 pm · Ceph_

I have a question and it’s driving me crazy…
I bought and downloaded Kat to my Vita for 400 yenn, but she won’t appear in the game. It’s in my download list of add-ons, but there’s no sign of her in the game. Do I have to unlock her somehow? Am I doing something wrong? Please help me :<

March 9, 2013 · Time: 11:45 pm · Shihiko

Did you update your game application/client from the Live Area menus? There you need to download the upgrade before she is visible. Same with all other download contents.

If she isn’t visible in the game even before you bought the contents then your client is not up to date.

March 9, 2013 · Time: 11:55 pm · Ceph_

How do you update from the Live Area menu? Can I update thru my PS3? Cuz I don’t have a direct connection from my Vita to the internet (I downloaded Kat to my PS3, then transferred her to my Vita)

March 10, 2013 · Time: 12:01 am · Shihiko

Well that is a bit of a problem then… If you have Wireless connection, the Live Area window will have a Refresh Icon and tapping that brings up an Update Icon. This allows you to download the update files.

If you have a computer that has wireless (such as a notebook) which you can hook up with the ethernet cable to use the internet, then you could use the wireless connection in conjunction with software similar to to create a wireless connection for your PS Vita.

March 10, 2013 · Time: 12:04 am · Ceph_

Wow, i didn’t know you could create a wireless access point thru the computer. I’ll try that, thank you!

March 10, 2013 · Time: 12:08 am · Shihiko

I’ve never tried that software, but similar methods have worked and that looks pretty simple by the website screens. Good Luck… I guess you can also play the game online through the PS Vita once you have it set up.

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