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With the coming of Minna no Golf 6 for PlayStation 3 and the fact that it runs on the same Server as Minna no Golf 5 means that the Online Service for Minna no Golf 5 will be coming to an end. How do I know they run on the same server? The login server for the game is the same so you can search other people who play Minna no Golf 5 from Minna no Golf 6.

Released on the 26th of July 2007 Minna no Golf 5’s Online Service will be stopping on the 31st of March 2013. As a memorial gift, players with the Minna no Golf 5 Data will receive special Minna no Golf 5 Lobby Characters for use in Minna no Golf 6. Minna no Golf 5 Online use downloadable contents will cease to work as there will be no where to use them anymore…

List of contents that will be disabled:

  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセット「『まいにちいっしょ』ポケピグッズ」
    Lobby Character Parts Set [Mainichi Issho – Pokepi Goods]
  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセットVol.1使用権
    Lobby Character Parts Set Vol.1
  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセットVol.2使用権
    Lobby Character Parts Set Vol.2

These contents will stop being sold on February 28th 2013… While the online service runs until the end of March. Contents that will continue to work for offline play…

  • 追加キャラクター「ユキノ」使用権
    Player Character [Yukino]
  • 追加キャラクター「グロリア」使用権
    Player Character [Gloria]
  • 追加コース「オセアニアリゾートコース」使用権
    Course [Oceania Resort Course]
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.1使用権
    Costume Set Vol.1
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.2使用権
    Costume Set Vol.2
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.3使用権
    Costume Set Vol.3
  • 追加キャラクター「クレイトス」使用権
    Player Character [Kratos]
  • 追加キャラクター「トロ」使用権
    Player Character [Toro]
  • 追加コース「ジュラシックアイランドC.C.」使用権
    Course [Jurassic Island C.C.]
  • 追加キャラクター「リビッツ」使用権
    Player Character [Libits]
  • 追加コスチューム「グロリア」使用権
    Costume [Gloria]
  • 追加コスチューム「ユキノ」使用権
    Costume [Yukino]

Source: 「みんなのGOLF5」オンラインサービス終了のお知らせ

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