December 25, 2012 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Merry Christmas Everybody~ Hope the DocomoDake event was fun for everyone else who participated. I actually tried to do well in it, but I guess not knowing how to do Extra Power properly for the first day and messing up on the last two days kind of ruined that for me… Actually didn’t really mess up just didn’t get any long chips and suffered on one of the rain holes.

Anyway the goal was to receive the prizes so that was accomplished :D… This is actually a photo taken of the monitor, looks pretty clear for a photo of a screen.

Some highlights during this event and interesting data I accumulated. I created a new profile separate to the PlayStation Move profile so that I could keep that progress for challenge mode for more videos, booting up that PlayStation 3 and looking at the results screen allows me to also receive the DocomoDake parts on that profile.

Amazing shots that I hit during and outside of tours with the controller are saved, sadly I don’t have a capture device at the moment to record any videos for uploading so we will have to wait a little while. Two aces were from the No Wind Daily where I hit Air Rising from the tee and another was a Extra Power Spiral. I hit a few albatrosses also however they didn’t count towards my trophies or anything as they were unofficial. One of them was quite epic… So I’ll be uploading that in the future.

Also this seemed a little weird, but if you look at the results screen… My lobby character appears twice, once for the trophy and getting thrown and one at the bottom throwing with the others. Seems like a bug as this also happened for the PlayStation Move profile and it never happened before on the PlayStation Vita.

Well that’s it from me for awhile, will be busy with other things but I’ll log in to play some game rooms every now and then. Feel free to search me up for a match. 🙂

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