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So on top of the Christmas Lobby Parts, it looks like we will be getting another round of the Docomo sponsored DocomoDake Open. This time the PlayStation 3 version will be able to take part! So everyone can have another chance at obtaining free Big Air Lv.3 Set in the form of cute mushroom heads.

The DocomoDake Open will be running from December 18th to the 24th over a standard Daily Tour schedule. You will receive a different prize for each day you participate. So this means you will need to participate every day to receive all the prizes as there are six prizes. The previous events only required you to participate in three tours over a week and you’d receive three prizes.

Prizes for each day participated:

  • Musume DocomoDake Club and Lobby Part.
  • ChiChi DocomoDake Ball.
  • Kareshi DocomoDake Club.
  • HaHa DocomoDake Ball.
  • Musume DocomoDake Ball.
  • ChiChi DocomoDake Club and Lobby Part.

A summary of what each gear does, the first four are special versions of the standard club… The club enables approach mode for characters without it, while the ball gives another two additional power shots to use. The last two prizes are just free Big Air Lv.3 Club and Ball.

After participating in the tours, you will receive the prizes on the day of for the final result announcement which is December 28th. So don’t panic if you didn’t receive anything after playing one tour. For images and original Japanese details head over to the source links.

Source: Minna no Golf 6 Online + DocomoDake Open

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