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I couldn’t believe this happened when I read the update yesterday… the word balance in the news of the patch update. Most people would probably believe that Mingol 6 is too hard. There is nothing wrong with a hard game, I like the challenge of it being difficult but all this time I felt that balance was missing in this game. Even though there was special techniques and methods to get around the uneven difficulty people don’t know about, it is still wrong to have to do these things to enjoy the game especially in the spirit of Everybody’s Golf series.

Let’s go over what noticeable changes there was to the game under what is considered balance:

  • Accuracy of Approach Mode has been changed:
    Approach mode previously sprays ridiculously when you missed Perfect Impact but now it reflects the way it used to be for Mingol 5. Being good at approaches is now actually a useful attribute. Sadly this has been a long  standing problem and it took them until the PlayStation 3 release to realise it is broken? Though this was a standing problem also for PSVita vs PS3 balance as the PlayStation Vita has an uneven advantage for short chips originally. [PSVita players can hit Spirals like Risers making it a joke for short chip point accumulating.]
  • Impact and Control in game across the board has had an overhaul:
    Though this feels definitely a lot better for the game and in the Spirit of Everybody’s Golf. It is still quite annoying to know that the developers originally said things like how 1W should be hard to hit with and other things but now are going back on it. Though it shouldn’t have happened to begin with… Impact Status now reflects correctly with how much impact zone you have with your clubs. Control also reduces the amount of spray you have when you switch clubs and change between Normal and Approach Mode. [In other words the Normal Mode Accuracy technique has been made inert.]
  • Trees and Course Objects pruned:
    This was another one of those things I didn’t believe would happen during the course of an already released Minna no Golf game. Some courses were updated so some objects and trees are different. Makes me wonder if you made a shot that shot through a tree and rustled then it chipped in and now that tree is gone what would happen to that replay?
  • Super Just/Perfect Impact accuracy improved:
    Super Just/Perfect Impact sprayed quite a bit before so it was harder to make an Air Riser from long range even if you had SJI/SPI. Spray is still reflected by your Control Status, so don’t expect to have perfectly accurate shots every time.
  • UI Positioning and Sizes modified:
    Didn’t think this really changed but it seems to be true… Wind display position was slightly moved to the right and the in game grids seems to have increased in size by around 10%. This might not matter to most people but it isn’t something that needed to be changed… Another silent modification courtesy of the development team.

This is about what I noticed last night, but overall this is a step in the right direction for the game even if it makes it a sad thing to think about the year of PSVita golfing. I should probably just sell my PSVita now since it isn’t even worth having against the superior PS3 version.

The patch also makes the possibility of other club combinations viable again for play. Though most people will probably still use Mag/Big Combo or similar to stay competitive. It is nice to know that the other gears actually have a use now though… I mean who wants to use Beginners Club if you still Rabbit/Turtle your drives?

With patches like these coming around, makes me realise that the reason there has not been any news or releases of new content or international versions of the game is the developers probably feel the game is still incomplete. Everybody’s Golf has always received a different set of changes for the game when they localised it, and it was probably because the Japanese players response to the game and bugs they found that the reflected changes were updated in the international versions. There is no point releasing a game that requires a lot of patches and have players grief over it and not being able to directly respond to the grief since you don’t understand the language they speak… So deal with the local market first before releasing it to the global market. This is my opinion though, might not be what is really happening… there may not even be an international release. 😛

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