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Seems like they have finally got around to updating the International version of the game but is it too late? I hear that Grade Tours are pretty hard to get going and takes a lot of organisation to set up… even so there is an update that brings some new features not even available on the Minna no Golf 6 Vita.

The new feature the update adds is the Multi-Versus Mode that was mentioned originally during the release of the Japanese version that they would be working into the system.

Thanks to HiddenAway’s heads up and screenshot of this as I don’t have Everybody’s Golf or my PS Vita set up to play it anyway…

Along with the update comes the place holders in preparation for Download Content that has been available for Minna no Golf 6, though this patch maybe numbered lower than the Japanese version rest assured it likely is the same patch as the latest iterations. No PlayStation News has announced the DLC being available in the stores, so sit back and wait until the next PlayStation Store refresh.

Instead of adding the characters and courses one patch at a time, they have added all the characters and courses up to date in this one patch. Thus…

Update 1.05 includes:

  • Characters: Gloria, Erika and Kat from Gravity Rush.
  • Courses: Mt. Sakura Onsen C.C., Mar Cielo G.C. and Northen Fox C.C.
  • Turn-Based Challenge – The feature promised from the beginning for PS Vita.
  • Balance Updates. Courses Modified, Status and Character Performance Modified.

It appears in the Online Section. According to the instructions you can only play this mode with your PSN friends. So if you don’t have any, log into the lobbies and make some… Play some Grade Tours while you’re in there the servers needs you to have fun. 😛

Personal thoughts on this patch, it is nice that they are updating the game… seems it was poorly pushed out. It was as if they didn’t want us to know about it. There was no news and though the strange maintenance time was what gave it away it still doesn’t really help the main problem which is there is a lack of people playing online.

The new feature also adds to the problem by allowing people to play even though they aren’t logged into the lobbies online. Good and Bad… It’s great for Vita and 3G players just might make things worse for the Grade Touring Online community.

Also take note, the new update mentions the PlayStation 3 version in the scrolling menu text… Hint: PlayStation 3 version is coming. 😛


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