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Looks to me they have finally got around to updating the store… Details from the blog point out the costs to purchase the Downloadable Content and it looks to be that each character will cost $0.99, with the courses going for $2.99 apiece. You’ll be able to grab the whole set for $11.99 and PlayStation Plus members will get 25% off that price which is $8.99.

Prices will vary for other regions but this is the update/news for Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational. Though for the full set that is pretty cheap compared to Japan. I guess they want you all to go back home to play…? Also not sure if I find the full set idea a good thing or not, as it makes it sound as if future updates may take even longer to come out or never come at all… sort of similar to how when a game is near it’s end they release a special update that lets you buy all the content in one shot.

Official news also points out the patch in more detail about Turn Based Challenge:

Players can now also set up 20 different parallel games at any given time. To avoid cheating, there are no re-dos, similar to Daily Tourneys. Short messages (like SMS) are also now enabled, as well as competitive score history between friends.

Additional gameplay updates include:

  • Four-player stroke mode enabled in the multiplayer rooms.
  • A slot mode added to the online/adhoc, enabling a slot machine style handicap system applied per hole to keep the game interesting in case there is an imbalance between player skills.
  • We’ve also added a new visual lobby in the online space, and tweaked the game balance a little bit.

With the assistance of the other members we have mostly covered what has been posted… Someone up there needs to get their work together, I mean even before the update this could have been posted or even added to the Online Message during a server login.

Source: EU.Blog.PlayStation or US.Blog.PlayStation

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