March 20, 2013 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

So with only a few days remaining for the Online Service of Minna no Golf 5 and the potential updates to come for Minna no Golf 6… For the last remaining days of Minna no Golf 5 I will be logged online playing and messing around with the old system and engine for the last remaining days.

Minna no Golf 5 Online Service Ends on the 31st of March. If you would like to play with me or try have a shot of being recorded and have some memories of this game uploaded to YouTube* then pop in and search for me to see if I’m around.

If I’m not on then I’m out, but while working or at home I’ll be logged on the PS3 until the end of Minna no Golf 5 Online.

*Rules Apply for upload, the game that is recorded must be some what entertaining to viewers. This is to maintain quality of videos being uploaded and so people don’t waste 10-20 minutes of their time watching a boring show. You don’t need to request to be recorded all games are reviewed and recorded on the fly…

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