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Since the developers seem to always want to hide what they have changed or updated and so it was not detailed in the update notes… this should list some changes that may not be obvious to players that don’t usually take notice of these things…

System Balance:

  • Impact Zones have been adjusted again depending on your Impact Status and ball lie position.
  • Rules not during Slot Mode may be VTR recorded manually.

Game Room Rules:

  • Real Golf Mode has been removed. 🙁
  • Tough Pin has been removed. 🙁
  • Standard Gear Only added. [Bugged Not Working.]
  • No Grid Display added.
  • No Approach Mode added.
  • Power 100% +2 added.
  • Power Adjust +2 added.
  • Back Spin +2 added.
  • Auto Just/Perfect Impact added. 😀
  • Blind Vision/Eye of the Heart Impact added.
  • Storm Tournament added.
  • Super Strong Wind Tournament added.
  • Tornado Cup added. 😀
  • Big Cup x2 added.

Slot Mode Rules:

  • Shot Trajectory Display added – Apparently apart from Tornado Cup being added last update there was a rule that displays a No Spin 100% Power Shot trajectory that wasn’t mentioned because I never participated in the new Slot Mode Tours. So it is here now as part of this post.
  • Blind Vision/Eye of the Heart Impact added.
  • Each Shot Changing Shot Type rule has been updated – Players cannot reset the shot type by changing the position in the tee box. This was a known issue and many players abused it when they rolled this rule. It allows you to switch the shot type until you get one you are comfortable with.

I’ll be updating the Slot Mode and Game Room Rules in the guides and more of this post soon… Some rules are available for PS3 but not available on the PSVita.


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March 29, 2013 · Time: 7:20 pm · Reezellthia

Strange decisions. Real golf mode I only played once, but it was really fun. Makes the easy courses really challenging!
Tough pin again made the easy courses more skillful.
I remember timing out in a tournament when I got that shot trajectory rule. Was messing about it with it too much, and then it was absolutely no help at all. Every time I’ve tried to base my shots on it I overshoot the hole by a mile. Even on a simple 10y chip. Useless!
Can you tell me what Blind vision rule is?

March 29, 2013 · Time: 7:23 pm · Shihiko

It’s where impact fades away before it reaches perfect impact. It’s like the skill you need where a Samurai can sense the sword coming and they block it without seeing it.

The rule is 心眼インパクト way harder than real golf mode. Also I loved real golf mode… It is a strange thing to remove rules because it doesn’t hurt to give us more options to play with.

March 29, 2013 · Time: 11:09 pm · HEC007

Really pitty that they’ve removed Real Golf Mode and Tough Pin 🙁

Could be that it’s down to the game metrics they recieve and that only minority of people was actually using it but both were my most favourite modes. Unless there is some kind of the system / game design limit alowing maximum amount of modes I really fail to understand why to REMOVE something already fully functional from the game??

March 30, 2013 · Time: 3:03 pm · Button_PJ

Tough pin still comes up in the slot tours (PS3 version at least) – I had it today

March 30, 2013 · Time: 3:07 pm · Shihiko

Thanks, you’re right the rule still exists they just removed it from us being able to set it up in Game Rooms.

As for Real Golf Mode, I don’t think they rolled it in Slot Mode, it was only No Gird Display.

March 30, 2013 · Time: 8:02 pm · koudman

What about failing hurricane shots? I had a 3 meter hurricane shot spin out after about 3 loops, I was shocked!

Blind eye really really sucks

March 30, 2013 · Time: 8:22 pm · Shihiko

Cyclone Cup fails… It is too good if it never fails. It’s like popping out of Big Cup.

Nice to see you around koudman haha…

March 30, 2013 · Time: 9:04 pm · koudman

Yup – Not too much time but hanging in there, almost back to G2 😛

March 30, 2013 · Time: 9:18 pm · Button_PJ

Early this morning before tours were filling, I went to a game room – Maple, 3m tornado 18 reg. Had 2 tornadoes pop out during the round. Final score a disappointing -37 (Winner got -39)

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