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So the week following the end of Minna no Golf 5 Online will be featuring the Famitsu Classic Event. The event will be running from April 2nd to April 7th with the results announced on April 8th.

As usual with the special events there will be lobby parts prizes rewarded to the participants… This time it is Famitsu Theme parts, for those that remember during the Minna no Golf 5 Events that there were Famitsu parts rewarded to participants and players who placed in podium or better positions. This time you receive it from participating each day of the event.

Here are the regulations for the upcoming event:

Date Course Regulations Rules
April 2nd Kagurayama Country Club
9H IN Regular Tee
Infinite Power Mode
April 3rd Harvest Hills Golf Course
9H OUT Regular Tee
Bunker +1 Stroke
April 4th Mt. Sakura Onsen Country Club
18H Regular Tee
Tough Pin
Tiny Cup
April 5th La Provance Resort
9H IN Regular Tee
Hit Tree +1 Stroke
April 6th Legacy of Golf Links
18H Regular Tee
Strong Wind Tournament
April 7th Mar Cielo Golf Course
18H Regular Tee
Hole Shuffle
Hit in 15 seconds or +1 Stroke

Not sure if I want to play this event… I won’t be doing well after playing so much Minna no Golf 5 let alone having to participate on two consoles. I might not bother with the PS Vita since I hardly touch it anyway…

Source: 「ファミ通クラシック」開催のお知らせ

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