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Northern Fox and Kitten/Kat has been added to the PSN Store. If you already own these on the PSVita they are available for a lower price but you need to purchase it again. If you have yet to purchase it they are available also has a combo so you can buy both PSV and PS3 together.

So I have had a look at it closely. Looks like the costs seem a bit ridiculous and there might not be a point to purchasing any of it other than the course, big air ball and Kitten/Kat set. All content and prices for PS3 and PSVita.

Download Contents Cost as follows:

  • Northern Fox Course: 700 JPY [350 JPY if you own the PSVita DLC]
  • Kitten/Kat Character: 500 JPY [250 JPY if you own the PSVita DLC]
  • Kitten/Kat Costume: 400 JPY
  • Kitten/Kat Costume Set: 600 JPY
  • Beginners Ball Lv.4: 200 JPY
  • Big Air Ball Lv.4: 200 JPY
  • Pin Hole Ball Lv.4: 200 JPY
  • Turbo Spin Lv.4: 200 JPY
  • Infinity Ball Lv.4: 200 JPY
  • Straight Ball Lv.4: 200 JPY

I would like to point out that it seems really dodgy of them to do it like this. For example the players who have already purchased Kitten/Kat are actually unable to purchase the Costume Set for 600 JPY and instead will have to pay 650 JPY to get the set. Resulting in a larger investment from their initial purchase of the content in the first place. Secondly, rather than giving us Lv.4 Ball and Club we are getting just a ball for 200 JPY each… Other than Big Air Ball, the others hardly make any difference since the game’s balance is pretty bad for all the other stats.

If you’re playing Minna no Golf 6 just for fun and plan to get the English PS3 version, you should probably only invest in Northern Fox course, Kitten/Kat and Big Air Ball… The rest would just waste your money and not really help you compete.

Also it seems the game is heading in a pretty bad direction, apart from balance issues the Asia version of the game still has no downloadable content released for it. It’s also not good if this site telling people not to buy stuff to support the game… I would have considered spending 1000 JPY for all the balls as a package, but not 200 JPY per ball. I think if they had done that it would have been easier to sell. If you can hold out long enough I bet they will offer some special downloadable content for both the Lv.4 Ball and Lv.4 Clubs that they are probably going to release later down. Note that due to balance changes the gear’s effectiveness may change: Lv.5 Gear maybe released.

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April 11, 2013 · Time: 9:13 pm · HEC007

Those are some pricey balls there 🙁 As you said – having all those in bundle around 800 – 900 I might considered getting those but not at this price …

Also – still not sure if to get Kat and Northen Fox (hehe) as I have both on VIta already.

But might invest 800 in the “set” you’ve mentioned.

Are those balls at least cross buy?? If not I’ll not bother now and wait for some large bundle / pack on offer, maybe with clubs etc.

April 11, 2013 · Time: 9:17 pm · Shihiko

Everything is Cross-Buy. It just doesn’t make sense how those who already purchased some of it are getting the short end of the stick…

As a developer, I wouldn’t have done this to my customers/supporters. I would have given out the Course for free or maybe 100 [Since we originally paid 600 for the course, now you early adopters are paying 850 instead of 700] and then Kitten/Kat for free or maybe 100 [Originally costs 400 for the character, now we are paying 650] or even offer us the costume set for 250 [Now costing us a total of 1050 for the set].

Offering the Balls only for 200 JPY each is way over priced for changing a few numbers… 200 JPY for a ball and club maybe acceptable but an option of a value pack is really what sells. As a player, we don’t really use all the balls anyway so if you give us the option to buy balls separately you’re going to get less money return, especially if the game balance sucks forcing everyone to only invest in one thing [Power].

It just seems cheap… It isn’t even like those Lv.4 balls are a different special graphic or cool to use either…

April 12, 2013 · Time: 9:36 am · kdoll08

Shi have you heard anything truly official about a US PS3 version? The only thing I have seen at all was a mod on the Euro site claiming the team was aiming for summer release, which seems like an awful long wait to just translate menus that have already been translated for the vita version.

April 12, 2013 · Time: 2:48 pm · Shihiko

You need more to confirm it? Other than gathering the hints and an official rep stating it, should be enough? The news for the game is pretty low key most of the time outside of Asia.

Also the recent price drop or sale of the old version is another hint. They are trying to milk it before announcing anything officially. So anyone who missed out or not in the know would probably buy it on impulse. It also markets the next game because while they are playing it they will see the new one is out.

April 12, 2013 · Time: 5:25 pm · HEC007

I’d not take the price drop as hint at all as it was on sale in Europe last year already (TWICE) …

April 12, 2013 · Time: 5:30 pm · Shihiko

From a marketing point of view, I see it as a last effort for cash grab… Since they probably plan to shut down the servers maybe half a year after the new game goes live.

April 15, 2013 · Time: 4:35 pm · HEC007

This is really DODGY that we’re unable to purchase Kat set if we’ve already bought the KAt separatelly before ;( Shi – have you tried to contact customer services about that?

Also – in regards of the balls crossbuy – is it “full” crossbuy – e.g. if the PS3 version is purchased you’ll get the same ball(s) for Vita as well or jsut discount like with other DLCs? Can anyone who purchased some ball on either of the platforms check the prices on other one now in their PSN Store? Thanks!

April 15, 2013 · Time: 4:45 pm · Shihiko

Nah I just chose not to buy it, since I can go without Expert Characters. I’m currently away at the moment so can’t do anything with the games. 😛

Everything is cross-buy so it is available to both the moment you purchase it, you will need to redownload it from the download list. This is why it makes no sense for early adopters to get screwed over, I mean Little Big Planet doesn’t make you rebuy all your costumes do they? Even their future games support old DLC. Either ClapHanz are marketing it that cross buy means you gotta pay more, or it seems like a cheap money grab. I don’t mind that they are releasing more gear as long as they do it maybe every month, but releasing a bunch in one shot makes us rethink which is worth investing in… In a way it works against their strategy.

If say they released a Lv.4 ball with a different goofy design for fun, I’m sure even if it’s 200 JPY and replacement of beginners ball, people would buy it.

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