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As some of you may know, I have a decent arsenal of equipment when it comes to game capturing. During the earlier days when I first got a HD Capture device my friend mentioned that maybe I should do streaming with it… I never tried because I thought it was a waste of resources and time. Fast forward a few years, I have more equipment and the bandwidth to do it some what decent. There are many streamers for other games out there and there are also streamers for Minna no Golf in Japan.

Though Minna no Golf is not the only game I play, there is a niche where no one else is streaming it well… Since Minna no Golf 6 is not satisfying enough for me in terms of fun, I thought maybe things like playing with PlayStation Move or Streaming may improve the enjoyment of the game over all. So I have started a new site, for now it is located at and if it works out well I will probably change the site. was a domain I had purchased for no real reason other than it was cheap at the time.

Why didn’t I just stream to this website? Well I would have to mess with the files already available here at this site… If I then decide that it isn’t something I want to continue to do or lack of interest it is easier to shut down one site than to take apart this site.

If you would like to participate in the stream, or have suggestions and ideas for things to do to improve entertainment value or would like to be featured on the stream head over there and sign up. The current back end for the stream is using so if you already have an account there feel free to follow the stream at

Live Stream: Shihiko Channel

Twitch: Shihiko

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