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Hello Everyone, this post is not related to Mingol but I guess I sometimes make these posts too…

As most of you see, this site doesn’t display advertising, generate revenue or ask for donations. It is something I do on the side while doing what I really enjoy which is Designing & Creating Games…Hence why I respond quickly and update when there is news for Mingol. Though I don’t work for ClapHanz, I do work for a small company called Shihiko Studios. 😉

Recently we released a new game called Spot This! [AppStore: Spot This Game] and we would like everyone to be able to try it and play it with their friends. Sadly it is only for the iOS systems, but if you don’t have an iOS device you could ask your friends who do to try it because it’s FREE. 🙂 [ Unlike the Lv.4 Gear Set 😛 ]

Other ways you can show your support for this site and our game is to retweet or embed this tweet about the game so that other people can give the game a try. The more people who play the game the more time we can spend on improving it or working on a new game. 😀

If you would like to play the game with me you can add the Player ID “Shihiko Studios” on Game Center and I’ll accept your challenges! 😉

For more details about Spot This Game:

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