June 11, 2013 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Good day everyone, recently I’ve been continuing my PlayStation Move Challenge on Minna no Golf 6. At the same time I’ve also been playing around with my YouTube Channel and updating it with several new features and settings for the playlists. As you may also know I have tested around with the Live Streaming as well… While playing around with the YouTube channel I noticed that Live Streaming is available there if I have 1000 subscribers.

Though I’ve never thought having subscribers mattered, knowing that the basic requirements for this features on YouTube requires 1000 subscribers means it’s time I actively try to get subscribers to my channel.

Why subscribe to my channel? If you like what I do here on this site but would like better content served more frequently, by subscribing lets me know that you actually are interested in what is happening and would want to see more in the future.

Rather than having a Twitch account and a YouTube account, everything will be centralised to the YouTube account and videos are not deleted unlike how they are removed if you don’t specifically choose to save it on Twitch.

In the upcoming release of Everybody’s Golf 6 or Hot Shots Golf World Invitational on PlayStation 3… I would like to Live Stream events and organise activities on the server so it would make it a lot easier to hold events if everything was located in one place.

If you’ve already subscribed to my YouTube Channel, Thank you for your support. We know that Minna no Golf is a very niche game, so even getting 500 subscribers maybe near impossible… It doesn’t hurt to try right? 🙂

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June 12, 2013 · Time: 4:59 am · stormy

I’d make about 400 more YT accounts… but that would be too much trouble to go through… I will support you though!

June 12, 2013 · Time: 9:23 am · Shihiko

I thought about that too… haha but also Sony announced they are using USTREAM for PlayStation 4, so for now I grabbed an account there and will be doing tests for it. The colour reproduction from USTREAM is a little weird so I’m not sure what causes it to be a little greenish compared to the original video.

June 12, 2013 · Time: 11:47 am · stormy

I can’t really get a ps4 when it comes out, I just got my ps3 like a year or two ago… And I just got hot’s shots golf out of bounds very very recently. I’m a dinosaur in gaming though… I got a ps1 in like 98-99, a ps2 in 08, and a ps3 in 2010… I might just go to playasia and get minna no golf 6, that depends on if it’s region free like jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu though :\

June 12, 2013 · Time: 12:12 pm · Shihiko

PlayStation Games now days are Region free, so it works if you want to import it.

Though in terms of overall enjoyment… Mingol5 is a more player friendly game. If you have no problem with Japanese gaming though investing in 6 is likely safer than waiting for the international release due to there being a lack of players on international servers resulting in a ghost town online experience over time.

June 12, 2013 · Time: 12:24 pm · stormy

Heh, I play games so old that online is a ghost town all the time. Take for example a game called high velocity bowling, that game was made in 07 yet has it’s servers still up! There are always about three people on there though waiting for a game.

June 12, 2013 · Time: 12:25 pm · Shihiko

I have that game, I think I stopped playing it because waiting for people to get enough points for some of the trophies got boring.

June 12, 2013 · Time: 12:32 pm · stormy

I mostly don’t play online because of people constantly quitting, talking smack (severe smack, like stuff that can make someone want to end their life smack), and cheating online. I have not tried hot shots golf online yet, because it’s mostly dead…

June 13, 2013 · Time: 12:44 am · mreighties

I don’t know if playing games on the PC counts, but I have played a LOT of golf games since I had my Commodore 128 in 1986. Had the Odessey console, Nitendo’s. Played HSG Fore breifly (with my nephew) on PS2 before I got a PS3 and HSG OOB in 09. Currently I only got a PS2 and have played HSG Fore for a couple months now, beat all but 4 vs mode in hard mode, also have reached King status and beat that Day Dream stage by shooting -10 with a hole-in-one, eagle on last hole and 2 bogeys to start back nine after shooting -8 on front nine. I still have my PS3 OOB disk, but no PS3. Maybe in a few months I will think about getting another PS3 or even the new PS4.

I went and subscribe to your channel cause I have liked visiting your site for a few years now and am very happy with the information on updates and stuff, and also enjoy watching the videos you make. Keep up the good work.

June 13, 2013 · Time: 1:47 am · Shihiko

Thanks, I’m trying to think of good videos or ideas to do later down. There are a lot of good players who are dropping from the game due to lack of End Game content for them to really pursue… Not everyone wants to waste their time with the PlayStation Move…haha.

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