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Looks like the wait is over for all those wanting to play Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Invitational on the PlayStation 3… Other than being tipped off by Envisager over the last couple of days, we all knew it was going to release some time in these couple of months… Just now PlayStation Blogs of Europe and US have both posted and confirmed a release date which is expected early next week.

I’ll just leave the links here and you guys can go read about it there… I would like to see how the “Regular Updates” DLC will play out in the coming months. 😛

Let’s do a little FAQ for the game that doesn’t seem to be addressed on the blogs…

  • Will the PSVita Save transfer over to PS3?
  • Can I Cross-Play Game Rooms with my PSVita Friends?
  • Will my DLC Purchases from the PSVita work on the PS3?
  • Do I need an Online Pass?
    Yes, but on PS3 one account allows all accounts access Online.
  • Is there a box version?
  • Is there a discount for owning the PSVita version?
    No. It’s cheap anyway… 😉

Source: Euro PlayStation Blog & US PlayStation Blog

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July 20, 2013 · Time: 2:04 am · kdoll08

I’m not too worried about the discount since they are only charging $20. That’s cheaper than minna was with the discount if I remember correctly. I just wonder if the VIP will carry over so I get the shop discount and can jump into full tourneys

July 20, 2013 · Time: 2:07 am · Shihiko

Yeah nah the price is fine, just trying to clear things up since it is something that might have been overlooked.

You’ll get VIP status it is server side checked. If you have logged on with both consoles it turns it on.

July 20, 2013 · Time: 3:27 am · kdoll08

Yeah I know how it worked for minna but I tweeted vissy about it and he didn’t seem to know if it was in the US release or not. If you had the physical version of minna what caused it to work? I had the download version so I wasn’t sure, maybe the online pass?

July 20, 2013 · Time: 8:43 am · stormy

So I have to have a ps vita and a ps3 version of the game so I can get the shop discount?

July 20, 2013 · Time: 10:04 am · Shihiko

You’ll become a VIP if the account you use owns both versions. It then gives you a 30% shop discount.

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