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This seems kind of late to be doing… but from today there will be Grade One and Grade Zero tournaments set at a specific time of the day which are forcing Novice Characters with Fast Tournament Rules.

Week 1 of August from the 2nd to the 4th will be seeing these regulations in Grade Tournaments:

  • 18:00~20:00 Mt.Sakura Onsen C.C.
  • 20:00~22:00 Legacy of Golf Links
  • 22:00~24:00 Harvest Hills G.C.
  • 24:00~26:00 Al Arabian G.C.

Week 2 of Auglist from the 9th to the 11th will be seeing:

  • 18:00~20:00 Mar Cielo G.C.
  • 20:00~22:00 La Provance Resort
  • 22:00~24:00 Kagurayama C.C.
  • 24:00~26:00 Northern Fox C.C.

Week 3 of August from the 16th to the 18th has:

  • 18:00~20:00 Maple Leaf G.C.
  • 20:00~22:00 Mar Cielo G.C.
  • 22:00~24:00 La Provance Resort
  • 24:00~26:00 Legacy of Golf Links.

All regulations will be 18H regular tee and on fast timer with Novice Only rule.

Source: Mingol 6 Player’s Information News

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