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Looks like the next character we are getting for Minna no Golf 6 is Pac-Man… … … If you equip the Smiley Ball on Pac-Man it will make him Over Powered Novice! Kidding, but it looks like he hits himself.

Update 1.07 [163MB] Includes:

  • Assist Function Support.
  • VTR Encoding Support. [Finally… a bit late but this was something I would have added to the series long ago.]
  • Information Function Support.
  • Various bug fixes.

Patch Notes: Player’s Information Site

This video was uploaded 15 days ago, so they’ve had this planned for two weeks. It’s the press that has been releasing the details today. 4Gamer has a few pictures and screenshots of what Pac-Man looks like in the lobby part you can also get. You practically become a Smiley Ball in the lobby. Player’s Information site has covered the details about Pac-Man including the other DLCs available.

Pac-Man’s Details

Power D
Control C
Impact A
Spin C
Side Spin C
Attributes Rough+
Character Data
Age ?
Height ?
Weight ?kg
Nationality Pac-World
Hobby Eating
Dislikes Hunger


I’m born from the Pac-World. Cookies, Fruits and Snacks…. I love all sorts of food. I eat bad ghosts! If I play golf,  I will be able to each a delicious lunch right? I look like a Golf Ball? I understand the way a ball feels so I’ll hit consecutive nice shots!

[That was some weird profile text to translate…]

  • Pac-Man will cost 400 JPY for one system or 600 JPY Cross-buy for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.
  • Pac-Man Gear Set will cost 150 JPY… Wow someone came to their senses? Pac-Man Gear Set increases power and power shots available.
  • Pac-Man Lobby Part costs 300  JPY… Okay, I take that back.

Guess that’s it for me. I’ll be wasting my time away in another game until things are more serious and balanced around here…

Source: Player’s Information Site +

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August 22, 2013 · Time: 8:37 pm · stormy

He knows how a ball feels? I guess he could be a therapist to a ball who hates being hit around so much 😛 But really, if this was for hot shots golf I would totally get it! Pac Man is awesome.

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