October 10, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

A new update is available for Minna no Golf 6… It’s version 1.10 on the PS3 and 1.19 for the PS Vita. Update size for PS3 is 153MB… Looks to me like it’s a Quality of Life update, is it too little too late or enough to get you all back to play?

Update 1.10 Includes:

  • Changes to Grade System Promotion and Demotion Point System.
  • Requirements to start a Grade Tournament is now 6 Players instead of 10.
  • Podium % has been raised to 40% from 25%.
  • Function  to decrease wait time between holes has been added. [Grade Tours when players finish the time is reduced to 15 seconds wait.]
  • Function to switch between Tournament List and Game Room List added.
  • Behaviour of Pet Accessory [Lobby Part] has been adjusted.
  • Bug Fixes.

Seems like the reduction of players is making the server system unsustainable…? Well the shorter wait times between holes seems to be for real tournaments also the cool lobby pets function is nice… The news announcement in-game has a mistake in it, whoever is in charge of typing that up failed.

Source: PS3®版『みんなのGOLF 6』アップデート1.10のお知らせ

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